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Feather Necklace - Solid Sterling Silver


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This beautifully crafted feather necklace is a solid sterling silver necklace with an 18" chain. It is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because its simple design makes it easy to wear with everyday attire and any other style of necklace! It is also part of our Outdoor Jewelry Collection!

Are you an outdoor lover? A nature lover? A free spirit? This simple sterling silver feather necklace represents nature and freedom, and can inspire you to spend more time doing the things you love in nature.  

Did you know:

This feather pendant necklace represents freedom or flight, which is associated with birds. Not only are feathers symbolic of physical travel, but they also symbolize emotional and mental growth.

This style of silver feather necklace has grown in popularity over time and functions as a message from a loved one encouraging growth and freedom to the wearer. So, if you’re looking for a gift for someone you love who is ready to spread their wings, you can’t go wrong with this feather necklace.


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: 18" sterling silver chain
Pendant Size: 4/5" tall

This is a premium necklace, precision laser cut out of sterling silver (.925 silver).

*If shopping around, please be sure to ask how each piece is produced. Many other products are made with CNC mills which are far less costly and are unable to produce the fine detail that comes from laser cut material*

Shipping: Dependent on chosen shipping method.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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