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Ohio Necklace - A Sterling Silver State Pride Necklace


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This Ohio necklace is a cute state necklace of your choice cut out of solid sterling silver (.925 silver). It is hung on an 18" sterling silver chain and is part of our State and Country Necklace Collection. The wonderful thing about this Ohio state necklace is that you can choose your size, if you would like the pendant engraved, and if you would like a heart cut-out over a particular area or city.

Are you from Ohio and have since moved far away? It is difficult to be far from home, though there are a lot of unique and creative ways you can commemorate your hometown. With this Ohio heart necklace, you can place a heart cut-out over your home, because home is where the heart is!

Ohio is a wonderful state and if you’re lucky enough to call it home, then there is no better way to celebrate your home than with a state of Ohio necklace!

Whether you are looking for someone else or for yourself, you really can’t go wrong with an Ohio necklace for an Ohio native.

You can also customize this piece to any state you would like! Contact us to get started.


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Size: Please choose between 5/8" , 1" and 1.5"
Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: 18" sterling silver chain


This is a premium necklace, precision laser cut out of sterling silver (.925 silver).

*If shopping around, please be sure to ask how each piece is produced. Many other products are made with CNC mills which are far less costly and are unable to produce the fine detail that comes from laser cut material*

Shipping: Dependent on chosen shipping method.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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