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Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

There's probably two things on your mind right about now: What do I get my boyfriend for Christmas that he'll actually like and what can I get him that won't seem like I'm over doing it? Gifting for a boyfriend is certainly different than gifting for a husband, especially if you haven't been dating crazy long. You also don't wanna get him something that's just gonna collect dust and never get used. You want it to be thoughtful and romantic without being corny, and useful without it seeming like something he got from his Mom. Luckily, we've put together a list of the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend that he'll actually like and NOT burn too much of a hole in your wallet! Christmas is almost here! Let's get started!



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Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend





christmas gifts for men

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For music fans, podcast listeners, or anything else that needs to be heard loud and proud, a wireless Bluetooth speaker will do just the trick! Now your boyfriend can play his work out playlist while he lifts weights at home, play his favorite tunes while relaxing, or play DJ at a family gathering! Whatever he wants to play, he can do so easily from his phone right to his new wireless Bluetooth speaker!





christmas gifts for men

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Is your boyfriend OBSESSED with hot sauce? Does he insist Sriracha and Tabasco goes on EVERYTHING? This year gift him this amazing hot sauce kit! It comes with recipes, funnels, squeeze bottles, sauce bottles and all the spices he'll need to create his one of a kind hot sauces! On a cold winter night, hot sauce will warm him and whoever else dares to try them!




christmas gifts for men

Craft Beer Making Kit

Is your boyfriend a beer fanatic? Does he love sampling local brews and have an extended knowledge of Stouts, Lagers, and Porters? Give him a buzz and a science project with this craft beer kit! This kit comes with everything they need to make their own beer! This kit is sure to be a hit with him and you two are sure to create fun memories brewing your own beers together!




christmas gifts for men

Personalized Travel Bag - Canvas Bag

If your boyfriend travels a lot for work, camps, or the two of your are world travelers then this personalized travel bag is the perfect Christmas present! Get it personalized with his first initial for an extra special touch! It comes with magnetic snap and zipper closures and an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. 16 oz and faux leather. Size: 22 7/8"(L) x 8 2/3" (W) x 16 1/8" (H)





christmas gifts for men

Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

 For the man that doesn't have time to rummage around for a bottle opener, this personalized wall mounted one will do the trick! Simply choose the name of the person you'd like to gift this to and you'll get it carved into cedar wood with his name printed and a monogram of his first initial. This gift is practical and fun! (Comes with pre-drilled mounting brackets and screws!)






christmas gifts for men

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit

If your boyfriend has a likeness to a Sea Captain, Wizard, or Santa Claus, then an old fashioned shaving kit may just do the trick! This kit comes with a safety razor and ten blades, a shaving badger hair brush, sandalwood shaving soap, a shaving stand, a stainless steel bowl, and a canvas dopp kit. Now your boyfriend can upkeep his facial hair like they did in the olden days!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Kindle PaperWhite (Waterproof)

If your boyfriend is a big book reader and likes to take his literature on the go, then this Kindle is a great gift for him! This updated version is now waterproof so if he accidentally knocks a drink over or gets caught in the rain, he won't have to take extreme measures to protect it! He can choose from thousands of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and news articles! Entertainment is right at his fingertips!





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Wireless Earbuds

These little babies are all the rage right now! Significantly high quality sound without having to wear ginormous headphones that feel more like a hat. And best of all, they're wireless! So no more tangling the wires or getting them caught on things while listening to his favorite song or the latest installment of that true crime podcast he loves. Super convenient, and easy to store in their own little case so they don't get lost!





BOBO Black Wooden Watch

If your boyfriend is a fan of wrist watches, then this black wooden watch from BOBO will make a unique and thoughtful gift! This watch is sure to stand out amongst other watch wearers and your boyfriend can be reminded of you every time he wears it. Even if he doesn't use it to tell time, he'll still look super stylish and unique!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Weighted Blanket

These have been the talk of the town lately! Weighted blankets are perfect for keeping warm at night and for reducing stress! The extra added weight of the blanket has been proven to reduce stress in individuals at night, help aid insomnia, and overall just be comforting and comfortable! A weighted blanket is like an all night hug. It's so cozy, he'll probably never want to get out of bed ever again!





bamboo charging station

Bamboo Charging Station

Finally! One central place to keep his laptop, tablet, phone any any other portable devices! With this bamboo finish charging station, he can charge all his devices and keep them in an nice and organized space! This is perfect for a desk, a nightstand, or wherever he wants to place it! Perfectly convenient and chic!





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Break out the tequila, salt, and limes! These Himalayan salt shot glasses are so unique and will add a touch of modern class to any cocktail party! Himalayan salt is said to have healing and cleansing properties which is why so many people have started displaying Himalayan salt lamps in their homes. It's said drinking from a Himalayan salt glass will help you reap the benefits directly which is why these shot glasses are not just trendy but spiritually healthy! 





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Meat Sampler Gift Box

If your boyfriend is into hunting for food purposes, is a fan of exotic food, or has been talking about how he's never had venison and wants to try it, then we have the perfect gift for him! This meat sampler gift box comes with venison steak, pork sticks, jerky sticks, pork chomps, epic pork rinds, beef bars, chicken, ostrich and traditional jerky! This kit is great for snacking and trying new things! We're salivating just thinking about it!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Knit Bluetooth Beanie

Not only will this beanie keep him warm and fashionable for the winter, but he can also listen to his favorite tunes or podcasts while he's on the move! He can even control the volume or pause what he's listening to with the small subtle buttons on the side of the beanie! This beanie connects to Bluetooth so all he needs to do is pull out a device, turn on his playlist, connect it to his beanie and he's good to go! Perfect for wanting to listen to something without having tangled earbuds in all day or during classes where he wants to listen to his playlist without the professor knowing ;)





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Pizza Box Socks

One moment he's going to think you've presented him with a personal pizza...unconventional, but hey who doesn't like pizza? But then, he'll open the box and...BAM! Pizza box socks! It's as fun as it sounds! These silly socks are packaged in a small pizza like box and placed inside strategically to mirror the appearance of a real pizza! It's a fun novelty gift that will actually be put to use! Who doesn't need socks after all?





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Steam Gift Card (PC Gaming)

If your boyfriend is a gamer, there's no doubt he has a steam account to play his favorite games. Steam is one of the more popular homes for PC gaming, with thousands of titles to choose from. There's probably some game he's been itching to get but hasn't wanted to drop the money on just yet. Do him a favor and get him a Steam gift card so he can finally download Red Dead Redemption 2 or Halo for his PC! A gift card might not feel like its super thoughtful, but trust me this will be something he really appreciates.






best christmas gifts for boyfriend

PUMA Men's XO High Top Sneaker

Not sure if you knew this, but hip hop/R&B superstar The Weeknd has his own clothing line called XO and has partnered up with the infamous German fashion empire PUMA to create some one of a kind pieces. Shoes are to men what purses are to women...or shoes...okay anyways, these PUMA Men's XO high top sneakers are not just designer, but super on trend with men's fashion today and something your boyfriend will be so psyched to wear! These high tops come with a rubber sole so they're perfect for everyday wear and to tackle rougher terrain. Elevate his shoe game this Christmas with XO/PUMA!





best christmas gifts for husband

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

If your boyfriend is a fan of photography and retro photos, then this Fujifilm instant camera is what you should give him this Christmas! With this little beauty he can take candid snapshots of day to day life and instantly print them out to be displayed in a photo album, strung along Christmas lights or anywhere else he wants. This is a fun gift that will capture memories in a way a phone camera can't. Add on an empty photo book or a board for him to pin his photos too to complete the gift!







best christmas gifts for husband

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

If your boyfriend is a fan of Star Wars (and he probably is) he'll be fan-boying over this awesome Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater! This sweater pictured above is a black cotton polyester blend with an image of Darth Vader encircled by a Christmas wreath with two red light sabers crossing beneath. But this isn't your only option. There are fifteen different designs in this collection! So whether he's a Darth Vader guy or LOVES R2-D2, there's a perfect sweater here for him. May the force be with him this Christmas!





christmas gifts for men

Man Up! 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

For the guy who loves to read and is genuinely excited by knowledge, this everything you need to know guide by Paul O' Donnell is a great Christmas gift! Perfect for nights he can't get to sleep, between flights, or to be used as a reference! Learn everything from deciding what hair style is right for you, how to cook a steak, or even how to quit your job the right way! Your boyfriend will be happy to receive this book on all the skills each man should know! 





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

What's your favorite gift on our list? What did you get your boyfriend last year? Tell us your story in the comments!




Best Christmas Wishes to You All!


  • December 19, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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