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Christmas Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Dad

christmas gifts for Dad

Whether its your own father, the father of your children, a brother with kids, or even your father in law, all Dad's need recognition for Christmas! Dad's can be hard to shop for especially when you've got to get something for your thirty something year old husband and and also your 60 something year old Dad. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for Dad's young and old that they will actually like and can put to good use! With Christmas creeping up faster and faster, deciding on a gift is imperative! So, without further ado, here's all of the best gifts for Dad that he'll love!



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Christmas Gifts for Dad



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Personalized Cotton Robe

What guy doesn't like feeling comfortable? A cotton robe is a great go to for the man who loves feeling cozy on a cold winter night accompanied by a hot cup of coffee! Make the receiver of this plush cotton robe feel even more special with his initials attached! Who knew personalization could make a robe look so fancy? Even your Dad deserves to feel pampered every once in awhile! For a cozy Christmas, gift them this classy personalized cotton robe!






christmas gifts for men

Walnut Wood Phone Docking Station

For the man that is always losing his keys, spends ten minutes looking for his sunglasses (even though they're on his head), and is always shouting at you across the room to call his phone, we present to you...the walnut wood phone docking station. Now Dad, your or anyone else you know with an organizational problem can put all their important items in one convenient place! Never again will your father in law have to turn over every cushion and decorative pillow to find his wallet. Gone are the days of having to copy your house key because Dad lost his...again. Not to mention this docking station comes in a nice walnut wood finish!





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Grilling Set- Grill Tools For Him

If Dad is a Grill Master, then he's gonna need the right tools, or at least a replacement for the ones he's been wielding forever. You can't go wrong with a grilling set! This set comes with everything he'll need, a spatula, tongs, a grill fork, basting brush, 4 skewers, 8 corn holders, grill cleaning brush, a replaceable head of grill brush and an aluminum storage case! Give him everything he needs to make skewers, succulent steaks, grilled chicken and anything else that's on the menu!





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Glass Ship Whiskey Decanter

For the Dad with a taste for good whiskey, we have just the Christmas present for him! Enhance your Dad's decanter game with this glass ship whiskey decanter with 4 laser etched glasses! Imagine how classy he'll feel when he has his buddies over for poker night or over to watch the game and THIS is what he has on display! Even when its not in use, this decanter set looks great as decor! Perfect for a purveyor of fine whiskey, a collector, or a man of good taste!





christmas gifts for dad 

Rock Slate Photo Plaque

For those with a affinity for the unique, the perfect photo gift is this super unique rock slate photo plaque! Take any photo and have it printed onto a beautiful rock slate in a rectangular shape! Perfect to display on a desk, on a a book shelf, night stand, or anywhere else the recipient can enjoy it! Now your Dad can appreciate a unique photo plaque of his Grand-kids, of you and your siblings, or even his trusty pet! 






BOBO Black Wooden Watch

If your Dad or a Dad you know is a fan of wrist watches, then this black wooden watch from BOBO will make a unique and thoughtful gift! This watch is sure to stand out amongst other watch wearers and Dad can be reminded of you every time he wears it. Wooden wrist watches are very in style right now and the Dad you are gifting for can be too!





christmas gifts for dad

Best Dad Ever Mug

You can't go wrong with a classic. A Best Dad ever mug is practically an initiation or a milestone for the father in question. No Dad is officially Dad material until he's rockin' one of these paired with a five o' clock shadow and bags under his eyes! Whether its your husband, your Dad, your brother, your father in law or your Grandpa, he deserves to be bequeathed with this staple of father-hood. An easy, but thoughtful gift nonetheless and it will definitely get some use!



Personalized Pocket Knife

A boy scout is always prepared...even when he's 30 plus years old...If the Dad you're gifting to this year is a guy that loves his tools, goes hunting or camping, then this personalized pocket knife is a perfect gift for him! This knife is sleek and modern with room to personalize his initials! Over time, this could become a family heirloom that he'll pass down to his son when he gets older and so on and so forth! Who knew a knife could be so handy?





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Retro Liquor Dispenser- Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Now THIS is cool. Blow Dad away with this retro liquor dispenser, modeled to look like a old school gas pump! Perfect for the man who's a fan of whiskey, rum, brandy, or anything else he'd like to put inside it. This liquor dispenser is great for the kitchen or a man cave, and will be a hit at parties! It's all about presentation, and Dad is sure to be a hit with this liquor dispenser at his disposal!




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Craft Beer Making Kit

Is your Dad a beer fanatic? Do they love sampling local brews and have an extended knowledge of Stouts, Lagers, and Porters? Give them a buzz and a science project with this craft beer kit! This kit comes with everything they need to make their own beer! This kit is sure to be a hit with the Dad you give this to and he's sure to invite you over to taste test all the craft beers he makes! (Fingers crossed they turn out good!)





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Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

 For the man that doesn't have time to rummage around for a bottle opener, this personalized wall mounted one will do the trick! Simply choose the name of the Dad you'd like to gift this to and you'll get it carved into cedar wood with his name printed and a monogram of his first initial. This gift is practical and fun! (Comes with pre-drilled mounting brackets and screws!)






christmas gifts for dad

Massage Pillow

For those days he's feeling beat or just wants to unwind, this massage pillow will be just the thing he needs! He can get a deep tissue massage right from the comfort of his own home and without having to ask anyone for favors! With this massaging pillow he can get out the knots in his back, shoulders and even his feet! A gift so great, everyone will be asking to borrow it!






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Papa Bear Shirt

Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa....whatever he prefers to be called, he's always a proud Papa Bear. To make it official, gift him a cozy Papa Bear shirt that he can wear for everyday errands, as pajamas, or whenever he wants! Nothing beats a good old fashioned t-shirt!





christmas gifts for dad

Memory Foam Slippers

Slippers are a great gift for just about anyone, but your Dad's the type to lounge in his slippers and even do some stuff in the backyard. So, for this we present to you, memory foam slippers with a sturdy rubber sole! Now he can feed the birds, shovel away snow, watch the sunrise, or just walk around the house comfortably in his new memory foam slippers!






christmas gifts for dad

Set of 9 Wooden Puzzles

For the Dad that likes brain teasers, puzzles and retro games, this set of 9 wooden puzzles kit will be a great Christmas gift for him this year! This wooden puzzle set is a great display piece for any decor and will entertain the Dad you're gifting for for hours on end! Great for adults and kids!





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Personalized Monogram Beer Glasses

Most people typically don't think to buy beer glasses because they usually drink their brews out of a can or out of a bottle. But now your Dad can have the "on draft" experience at home with this personalized 16 oz monogram beer glass! Personalize with his first initial, first name and either the date of this Christmas, or maybe even his birth date! Add three more to your cart to make it a whole set!





Mini Espresso Machine

He's been wanting it, and now you've got it. The perfect way to start their day! This Christmas, surprise your Dad with this mini espresso machine! No more dreaded trips at the local coffee joint waiting in line and having to go back because he got someone else's coffee. It's mini, so he won't have to worry about clearing too much space to fit it in their kitchen. Take your gift giving up a notch by throwing in this french press coffee maker to make it a set!





christmas gifts for dad

Hookey Game

Give your Dad a gift that will leave him entertained for hours on end. Perfect for when he's bored, when he has friends over or for family gatherings! A game for all ages, but something classic that any Dad will have fun with! You can't go wrong with old school games!





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Mini Clothes Steamer

Perfect for steaming out wrinkles, cleaning clothes that aren't meant for the typical washer and dryer or even cleaning a mattress or other furniture! This small and portable tool is so handy for a Dad that doesn't have time to head to the laundromat or just wants to make their clothes look more presentable. This mini clothes steamer is easy to use and the perfect size for storing away without taking up much space! Your Dad will love how easy this is to you!





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 Indoor Grill

If your Dad lives in an apartment complex or condominium and hates to use those nasty (probably not well cleaned) shoddy outdoor public grills. Perfect for apartments, condos, or just a lot more convenient than having to stand outside for however long it takes with a giant grill. This is perfect for dinner for two or for a gathering of a few people. He'll love the convenience of this indoor grill!






christmas gifts for dad

What are your favorite gifts on our list? What are you getting your Dad? Leave us a comment!




Happy Holidays to all the Dad's Out There!

  • December 17, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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