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February Birthday

February Birthday

february birthday

February Birthday

(Plus Gifts!)


For all our fabulous February babies, this blog post is dedicated to you! And for those of you looking for a gift for your February born best friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend or anything else, we've got a list of gifts that symbolize the month of February that this gal is sure to love! But first, a little about the month of February!



February Symbols


February - Derived from the Latin term, Februarius Mensis, meaning, "Month of Purification" in other words, a time to cleanse, purify or make sober that which we need to be washed away such as stress, anger, worry, or other literal bad habits. 



The Birthstone of February is Amethyst!  A beautiful, dazzling purple stone that promotes clarity, sobriety, and focus! See more about Amethyst here!



The Horoscope signs of January are Aquarius and Pisces!



The Flower of the Month of February is Violet and Primrose!




Celebrities with February Birthdays


Abraham Lincoln

Bob Marley

Paris Hilton

Jennifer Aniston

Josh Brolin

Harry Styles

 The Weeknd

Ed Sheeran

Christina Ricci

Millie Bobby Brown

Lisa Marie Presley

Lauren Conrad


Rebel Wilson

Chris Rock

Garth Brooks

Ashton Kutcher

John Travolta


Drew Barrymore

Emily Blunt

Dakota Fanning





Gifts for February Birthdays


january birthday

Birthday in Roman Numerals Necklace





Amethyst Birthstone Ring





Amethyst Swarovski Necklace





February Birthday Flower Stoneware Coffee Mug





February Angel Statue





Plant Terrarium with Purple Amethyst Crystal





14K Gold Initial Necklace





Happy Birthday Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Candle





Gold Name Bar Necklace





Rose Gold Name Plate Necklace






Happy Birthday to all Our February Babes!





  • February 05, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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