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Best Online Jewelry Store For Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Best Online Jewelry Store For Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

 Engagement rings are one of the most difficult items of jewelry to buy. Beyond price and style, you want to make sure the quality of jewelry is the absolute best. Additionally, where you choose to purchase your engagement ring can make a serious impact. We’re all looking for the highest quality engagement rings at the best price, but how do we do that? When shopping for your engagement ring online, keep in mind what diamond size, diamond clarity, diamond color and diamond shape you are going for. Though shopping for your engagement ring sounds a little scary, it absolutely doesn’t have to be: there are many advantages of browsing online retailers for your engagement and wedding rings. For instance, there is generally better selection, better price, a higher zoom, free returns and less pressure when you shop online for your engagement rings. Browse our guide of the best online jewelry stores for engagement rings below, to get a feel for your options! Happy shopping!

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#1 Blue Nile

blue nile engagement ring

Blue Nile is the largest internet diamond retailer on the market with extensive choices from suppliers all across the world. Blue Nile offers a wide variety of engagement rings, diamonds and wedding rings at competitive prices. Since they have exclusive contracts with diamond wholesalers all over the world, Blue Nile has the largest selection of loose diamonds of any on this list. The service representatives of Blue Nile are highly knowledgeable and helpful with picking out the right engagement ring or wedding band. One of the best features of Blue Nile is that they uphold their return policy with a simple, no-hassle process that helps to mitigate any disappointment that accompanies returning a product. Blue Nile is the way to go if you are looking to purchase a high quality diamond without any designer settings or packaging.

#2 James Allen

james allen engagment ring

James Allen has pretty much revolutionized online jewelry shopping with its HD 360-degree videos for each and every rock in their inventory. Their diamond display technology, which displays every diamond and gemstone in their inventory, definitely can’t be beat: you can zoom in and out to see up close and personal details. This feature allows you to be aware of any potential flaws, cloudiness or dark spots that you might not necessarily be able to tell at other online jewelry retailers. Additionally, James Allen is a great place to buy interestingly shaped diamonds in fancy colors! With affordable pricing, good selection to suit every taste and great customer service, James Allen is one of the best online jewelry stores for engagement rings and wedding bands!

#3 Costco

costco engagement ring

If you’re looking for a fantastic-looking engagement ring for a great price, it is pretty hard to beat Costco. Unless you’re craving the prestige of a famous diamond brand or aspire to do-it-yourself, Costco will definitely give you the best proposal-ready ring for your money. Costco is one of the best wholesale retailer with a great reputation, exceptional pricing, a generous return policy and superb customer service. With Costco, you get the price of an internet retailer with all the benefits of an in-store experience: you can some serious discounts, but still see your diamond in person. Costco also has one of the best return policies (even better than Blue Nile’s!), with a refund in 30 days, no questions asked.

#4 Tiffany & Co

tiffany and co engagement ring

As the preeminent American diamond company, Tiffany & Co. has been the household name for engagement rings since they created the “Tiffany engagement ring” in 1886. Tiffany & Co. is like the Lamborghini of engagement ring retailers, offering top quality, affordable price and best service. They present your gorgeous engagement ring in a little blue box, offering the type of prestige that most other jewelry retailers (and especially online jewelry retailers) don’t offer. Every single aspect of the Tiffany & Co. experience is top of the line -- from the carpet in their stores to the ribbon on the box. As an online retailer for engagement rings, Tiffany and Co. offers the best experience with the absolute highest quality engagement ring that is difficult to find online.

#5 Brian Gavin Diamonds

brian gavin diamonds engagement ring

Brian Gavin Diamonds is one of the industry leaders when it comes to cutting diamonds. They offer a Signature and a Black line of engagement ring jewelry, which has gained popularity among those who value precision cuts and brilliant diamonds. Additionally, Brian Gavin Diamonds’ customer service and jewelry craftsmanship matches their high quality products. Though there is a premium for high quality jewelry, in Brian Gavin Diamonds’ case, it is completely justified. For those who are interested in brilliance when it comes to their engagement ring, Brian Gavin Diamonds is the way to go.

#6 Abe Mor

abe mor engagement ring

For budgets over $50,000 Abe Mor is a great choice. Abe Mor offers a customized shopping experience in addition to high-end diamonds and fine jewelry items. Located in New York’s finest diamond district, Abe Mor is one of the most well respected engagement ring retailers that offers personal attention from the entire team. With Abe Mor, it’s not just about the stones: it’s about the family element, both within the business and among its customers. Abe Mor’s mission is to build everlasting relationships with its customers, and to contribute to the creation of new online tools to improve their customers’ experiences.

#7 Leibish & Co

leibish and co engagement ring

For your engagement ring, if you’re looking for fancy-colored diamonds, Leibish & Co. is the go-to online jewelry retailer. Leibish & Co. is one of the biggest purchasers at the Argyle auctions, contributing to a stunning array of diamonds in all kinds of fancy colors and budget ranges. Not only do they have an amazing selection of diamonds, but they are also the masters of high quality jewelry craftsmanship: they are highly skilled at building the jewelry piece around the diamond to bring out the stunning color of the diamond in the best possible way.

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