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Best Online Jewelry Store For Men’s Jewelry

Best Online Jewelry Store For Men’s Jewelry

Searching for men’s jewelry can be a little trickier than shopping for women’s jewelry. The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for men’s jewelry is to keep it simple and subtle. Unless you are positive he wants something flashy, like a beaded bracelet, lion’s head pendant necklace or flashy, diamond-studded earrings, it’s best to keep it simple and avoid flashy bling or overly-decorative pieces. In general, men tend to gravitate towards jewelry that is more functional, so the further away the piece is from being functional, the more risky it is. Of course, if you know what your man likes and he loves bedazzled jewels, we have a couple of options for that kind of men’s jewelry in our guide below. When in doubt, it is best to first start with more traditional men’s jewelry pieces, such as watches, cufflinks, tie clips and money clips. Then, you can branch out to rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which are generally more decorative, but can be very fashionable pieces of men’s jewelry. Browse our guide for the best online jewelry stores for men’s jewelry below! Happy Shopping!

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#1 Vintage Gentleman

men's tungsten rings

These are some of the sickest rings I've seen. High quality, unique, made out of tungsten as a man's ring should be. These rings are created by Vintage Gentleman, a premium men's product brand. You won't be disappointed by these. 

#2 Pakabone

This shop specializes in Nordic inspired men's jewelry and will have you feeling like the Viking Lord you've always dreamed of being. Everything from men's cuffs, statement rings, leather wristbands, intricate pendants and more! These handcrafted pieces are sure to take your look to new heights and will be something you'll want to wear everyday!


#3 Liliya Jewelry

If your men's jewelry style is on the boho side, then Liliya Jewelry is the place to shop! Everything from beaded hemp bracelets, men's gemstone rings, and cultural/spiritual beaded necklaces! And the beading used varies from wood to tiger's eye! Whether you’re looking for men’s jewelry chains, men’s jewelry necklaces, men’s jewelry bracelets, or men’s jewelry rings, you can be sure that Liliya Jewelry will have it at a price you will love! 

#4 Mami's Gem Studio

This is another one stop shop for beaded men's jewelry! They offer men's beaded necklaces, bracelets, and meaningful charms like crosses and other cultural symbols. These are handmade and one of a kind. Wearing these kind of statement pieces are quite the conversation starter and make great everyday men's jewelry!

#5 Mia Silver Studio

This online jewelry shop boasts sterling silver creations influenced by cultural symbols and design. You'll find everything from Asian influence to Nordic symbolism, Celtic inspired jewelry and Earthy/nature inspired creations. These creations are particularly intricate and one of a kind. Everything is handmade, giving it that ancient treasure kind of feeling. From pendants, to rings and bracelets this men's jewelry shop is the perfect place for culturally inspired pieces.

#6 Bodhi Creations

If you're looking for men's jewelry that's in line with the universe and has spiritual healing properties, then you've come to the right place. Bodhi creations makes beaded men's jewelry (necklaces, bracelets etc...) from healing stones like tiger's eye, citrine, peridot, amber, rose quartz and more! You can also buy chakra charging jewelry from here as well! These men's jewelry pieces also can come with spiritual charms like crosses, tree of life and the OM symbol. Perfect for a spiritually aware person or a practicer of reiki.


#7 Vahalla Works

Looking for handmade hemp jewelry or hammered jewelry? Vahalla Works features a variety of hemp necklace patterns and types of hemp necklaces for you to choose from! If you’re looking for hemp necklaces with Nordic influence, Vahalla Works is the place to go. The shop owner specializes in creating unique-looking jewelry pieces and crafting one-of-a-kind items that you will be sure to love. If you’re not sure where to buy hemp necklaces and keep asking all your friends, where can I buy hemp necklaces?!, you don’t need to wonder anymore! Vahalla Works is the place to shop online for hemp necklaces.


  • February 27, 2019
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