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Best Online Jewelry Store For Men’s Jewelry

Best Online Jewelry Store For Men’s Jewelry

Searching for men’s jewelry can be a little trickier than shopping for women’s jewelry. The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for men’s jewelry is to keep it simple and subtle. Unless you are positive he wants something flashy, like a beaded bracelet, lion’s head pendant necklace or flashy, diamond-studded earrings, it’s best to keep it simple and avoid flashy bling or overly-decorative pieces. In general, men tend to gravitate towards jewelry that is more functional, so the further away the piece is from being functional, the more risky it is. Of course, if you know what your man likes and he loves bedazzled jewels, we have a couple of options for that kind of men’s jewelry in our guide below. When in doubt, it is best to first start with more traditional men’s jewelry pieces, such as watches, cufflinks, tie clips and money clips. Then, you can branch out to rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which are generally more decorative, but can be very fashionable pieces of men’s jewelry. Browse our guide for the best online jewelry stores for men’s jewelry below! Happy Shopping!

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#1 Marcos De Andrade

marcos de andrade men's jewelry

Marcos De Andrade built the first line of statement accessories designed specifically for the successful, charismatic and worldly gentleman. At Marcos De Andrade, they believe that every man has their own unique aura and a way of expressing themselves beyond words. With their elegant and handcrafted products, they create timeless trends that contribute to the style of a modern man. Marcos De Andrade is more than just a jewelry brand: they recognize the importance of poise and stylistic flair that turns heads and signifies the pinnacle of fashion.

#2 Atolyestone

atolyestone men's jewelry

Atolyestone is leading the revolution in men’s jewelry and fashion. The products they offer are the ultimate men’s gift idea for fashionable men. Atolyestone creates men’s jewelry for stylish individuals or urban adventurers. Designed with quality and sophistication, Atolyestone creates high-end jewelry for men, with the intention to harmonize traditional men’s jewelry styles with more modern techniques for jewelry making. They strive to create uniquely designed jewelry that breaks the norm. To do this, they combine research of high quality materials with the imagination of their designers to produce eye-catching collections and grand designs.


#3 Macy’s

macy's men's jewelry

Macy’s is one of the leading stores for men’s jewelry online due to their high quality materials, wide variety and affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for men’s jewelry chains, men’s jewelry necklaces, men’s jewelry bracelets, or men’s jewelry rings, you can be sure that Macy’s will have it at a price you will love! With metals like silver, gold, tungsten and titanium, you’ll find a wide range of designer cufflinks, ring bands with some featuring diamonds, bracelets with ion-plated designs and ornately crafted watches. Macy’s men’s jewelry sale is a widely popular option for men seeking high quality jewelry.

#4 TraxNYC

traxnyc men's jewelry

TraxNYC offers access to over $300 million worth of fine diamond jewelry. Regarding men’s jewelry, TraxNYC has an extensive collection: they have everything from your everyday chains, rings and earrings to more extravagant pendants, bracelets, crosses, watches and custom grills! As an online jewelry site, TraxNYC works hard to surpass the typical buying experience of a jewelry store: they offer an online selection of jewelry that is far larger than what any retail store could offer! Regarding customer-centered offers, TraxNYC wants to make sure their customers’ needs are met; they offer free warranty, no-hassle returns and free appraisals on a large selection of their jewelry items. If you’re looking for a gift for your spouse, boyfriend or fiancé, TraxNYC is one of the top online jewelry stores for men’s jewelry.

#5 Avianne & Co

avianne and co men's jewelry

For men’s diamond jewelry, you can’t get better than Avianne & Co. Avianne & Co. offers the largest online selection of diamond jewelry for men and they pride themselves on taking the absolute best care in producing men’s diamond jewelry. They offer a diverse collection of men’s jewelry, including 10K, 14K and 18K men’s diamond jewelry. They encourage the customer to choose any metal color for their jewelry items, including white, yellow, rose gold or black rhodium. To make the customer’s experience even better, Avianne & Co. offers free shipping with any purchase.

#6 Helzberg Diamonds

helzberg men's jewelry

If you’re not sure what to get your favorite guy, Helzberg Diamonds has a wide selection of men’s rings, necklaces and bracelets. From wedding bands to sophisticated diamond jewelry, it is easy to find something he’ll love at Helzberg Diamonds. For 100 years, Helzberg Diamonds has taken care of their customers, so you can be sure that when you’re looking for something special for your man, you’ll find it at Helzberg Diamonds.

#7 Sarraf Jewelry

sarraf men's jewelry

For 25 years, Sarraf Jewelry has been offering the highest quality gold, platinum and sterling silver chains at the lowest wholesale prices. They offer a variety of chain types for men’s jewelry, including Figaro, Franco, Rope, Curb, Snake, wheat chain and many, many more! Additionally, they offer a variety of wedding bands, charms, earrings, cufflinks, tie tacks, key charms, tie bars, lapel pins, lighter and pens, money clips and sterling silver jewelry for men. Sarraf Jewelry’s 14k gold accessories for men is rather extensive, making them one of the best online jewelry stores for men’s jewelry.

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