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Best Online Jewelry Store (Your Complete Guide)

Best Online Jewelry Store (Your Complete Guide)

Best Online Jewelry Store

best online jewelry store

Finding the best online jewelry store can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are a lot of things to consider when picking out high quality jewelry stores: price, quality of material, the craftsmanship of the item and the particular brand you are buying from. For some, money is a greater concern, whereas for others what matters most is the quality of material and production process. We’ve laid out the top three best online jewelry stores for engagement rings, men’s jewelry, body jewelry, boho jewelry and personalized jewelry. For more information on any of these categories, check out our longer articles at the end of each section!

For Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

#1 Blue Nile

engagement ring

Blue Nile is the largest internet diamond retailer on the market with extensive choices from suppliers all across the world. Blue Nile offers a wide variety of engagement rings, diamonds and wedding rings at competitive prices. Since they have exclusive contracts with diamond wholesalers all over the world, Blue Nile has the largest selection of loose diamonds of any on this list. The service representatives of Blue Nile are highly knowledgeable and helpful with picking out the right engagement ring or wedding band. One of the best features of Blue Nile is that they uphold their return policy with a simple, no-hassle process that helps to mitigate any disappointment that accompanies returning a product. Blue Nile is the way to go if you are looking to purchase a high quality diamond without any designer settings or packaging.

#2 James Allen

engagement ring

James Allen has pretty much revolutionized online jewelry shopping with its HD 360-degree videos for each and every rock in their inventory. Their diamond display technology, which displays every diamond and gemstone in their inventory, definitely can’t be beat: you can zoom in and out to see up close and personal details. This feature allows you to be aware of any potential flaws, cloudiness or dark spots that you might not necessarily be able to tell at other online jewelry retailers. Additionally, James Allen is a great place to buy interestingly shaped diamonds in fancy colors! With affordable pricing, good selection to suit every taste and great customer service, James Allen is one of the best online jewelry stores for engagement rings and wedding bands!

#3 Costco

engagement ring

If you’re looking for a fantastic-looking engagement ring for a great price, it is pretty hard to beat Costco. Unless you’re craving the prestige of a famous diamond brand or aspire to do-it-yourself, Costco will definitely give you the best proposal-ready ring for your money. Costco is one of the best wholesale retailer with a great reputation, exceptional pricing, a generous return policy and superb customer service. With Costco, you get the price of an internet retailer with all the benefits of an in-store experience: you can some serious discounts, but still see your diamond in person. Costco also has one of the best return policies (even better than Blue Nile’s!), with a refund in 30 days, no questions asked.


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For Men’s Jewelry

#1 Marcos De Andrade

marcos de andrade


Marcos De Andrade built the first line of statement accessories designed specifically for the successful, charismatic and worldly gentleman. At Marcos De Andrade, they believe that every man has their own unique aura and a way of expressing themselves beyond words. With their elegant and handcrafted products, they create timeless trends that contribute to the style of a modern man. Marcos De Andrade is more than just a jewelry brand: they recognize the importance of poise and stylistic flair that turns heads and signifies the pinnacle of fashion.

#2 Atolyestone

atolyestone men's jewelry


Atolyestone is leading the revolution in men’s jewelry and fashion. The products they offer are the ultimate men’s gift idea for fashionable men. Atolyestone creates men’s jewelry for stylish individuals or urban adventurers. Designed with quality and sophistication, Atolyestone creates high-end jewelry for men, with the intention to harmonize traditional men’s jewelry styles with more modern techniques for jewelry making. They strive to create uniquely designed jewelry that breaks the norm. To do this, they combine research of high quality materials with the imagination of their designers to produce eye-catching collections and grand designs.


#3 Macy’s

mens jewelry macys

Macy’s is one of the leading stores for men’s jewelry online due to their high quality materials, wide variety and affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for men’s jewelry chains, men’s jewelry necklaces, men’s jewelry bracelets, or men’s jewelry rings, you can be sure that Macy’s will have it at a price you will love! With metals like silver, gold, tungsten and titanium, you’ll find a wide range of designer cufflinks, ring bands with some featuring diamonds, bracelets with ion-plated designs and ornately crafted watches. Macy’s men’s jewelry sale is a widely popular option for men seeking high quality jewelry.


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For Body Jewelry

#1 Body Candy

body jewelry bodycandy

Body Candy Jewelry focuses on offering high quality jewelry in a variety of price ranges so that everyone can find something they like. Body Candy is one of the most trusted body jewelry stores online for a number of reasons: they have great customer service, they offer high quality merchandise, they have an extensive collection of body jewelry and body accessories, they have some of the lowest prices on the web, and they have sophisticated encryption system to protect your personal information. Regarding quality, their fine materials include 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium. Their collection includes navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nipple rings and nose studs. The styles they offer include anything from basic body piercings to their unique handcrafted creations which include Swarovski crystals. They also have an accessory collection, including: toe rings, belly chains, apparel and temporary tattoos.

#2 BM25

body jewelry bm25

BM25 focuses on quality, variety and experience in the industry, making them one of the best online jewelry stores for body jewelry. Since Bm25 is dedicated to the hygienic and safety concerns of their customers, they offer only the finest quality jewelries made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, implant grade titanium, 14K solid gold among others. Regarding variety, BM25 carries navel rings, barbells, eyebrow curves, plugs, tapers, nose rings, labrets and others.

#3 Pagoda

body jewelry pagoda

Piercing Pagoda is widely known as the ear piercing kiosk leader in shopping malls across the United States and Puerto Rico. As the nation’s largest specialty kiosk retailer, Piercing Pagoda remains the leader in ear piercing and now offers a wide variety of body jewelry options, including: a variety of silver and diamond jewelry, 10K and 14K gold chains, charms, bracelets, rings and earrings.


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For Boho Jewelry

#1 Bohemian Earth

boho jewelry bohemian earth

Bohemian chic jewelry is on the rise as one of the hottest new trends. Thankfully, Bohemian Earth finds the most beautiful boho jewelry around the world and sells them at an affordable price. Though relatively new (Bohemian Earth began in 2015), they have made themselves available to all who value bohemian style by providing chic, trendy items at an affordable price.

#2 Three Bird Nest

boho jewelry three bird nest

Three Bird Nest has a history of delivering boho fashionable clothing and accessories to their customers. As a bohemian online boutique, 3BN prides themselves on offering high quality jewelry accessories since they began in 2011. They offer one-of-a-kind handmade items, as well as ethical and affordable fashion. Their mission is to inspire creativity in every customer and to redefine what “shopping” means by offering a unique assortment of inspirational jewelry at unparalleled quality and affordable costs. Beginning as a one-woman shop, 3BN has only grown since their start due to the glow of others who have been thrilled to become a part of their amazing creations.

#3 Free People

boho jewelry free people

Free People had humble beginnings in the streets of Philadelphia during the 1970s. The brand intended to nurture the young, free-spirited people who lived there, and encourage a sense of freedom with their fashion choices. Since then, Free People has only grown in popularity due to its emphasis on femininity, courage and spirit. Their aesthetic attracts free and adventurous spirits who value intelligence, creativity and individuality. These features can be seen in their handmade products that outdoes most other online boho chic jewelry stores.


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For Personalized Jewelry

#1 Sincerely Silver

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift to give to someone special for a special event, like their birthday or an anniversary, or for no particular reason at all! With personalized necklaces and rings, you can give a gift that means something important to the wearer: you can memorialize a special event, memory, location, person or message so that it can be kept close to their heart, always. So, why is Sincerely Silver the best for personalized jewelry? Think of all the ways jewelry can be personalized: with names, initials, dates and roman numerals, quotes and sayings, states and countries, coordinates and locations, your occupation, your actual handwriting, your own fingerprint, and even your own voice as a soundwave! We do it all. Personalized mother’s jewelry, personalized custom engraved jewelry and personalized jewelry for all is what matters most to us: we take your special moments and transform them into wearable art you don’t ever have to be without.

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