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Top 20 Valentine's Day Gifts

Top 20 Valentine's Day Gifts

The Christmas season has passed and we're in that sweet spot of recoup between the biggest holiday season and your casual holidays throughout the year. The first major holiday that will be approaching soon is...Valentine's Day! It sneaks up faster than you may be expecting! Now's the time to plan out how you'll be spending your Valentine's day with your sweetheart, bestie or even your Mom! *Socially distanced safe of course! If shopping for a Valentine's day gift isn't your cup of tea, then fear not! We've got you covered with the top 20 best Valentine's Day gifts this year! Keep reading to find the perfect present for the sweet thing in your life!


Top 20 Valentine's Day Gifts



Luxury Rose Teddy Bear

 Two of the most iconic romantic symbols of Valentine's Day are: red roses and teddy bears. Why not take two of these classic symbols and combine them? This luxury rose teddy bear is the perfect, unique Valentine's day gift for your sweetheart! This works great as a gift for your girlfriend, wife, or even your Mom! (Mom's deserve a Valentine's Day gift too!) The rose petals on this teddy bear are made out of faux rose petals so that it'll last forever! She can display it on her desk, nightstand, or anywhere else it can be properly admired!



Heart Shape Customized Crystal Photo

 Another unique and sweet Valentine's Day gift is this heart shaped customized crystal photo statuette. Your photo of choice is laser etched onto this crystal heart with your names and a special date featured. Choose your anniversary date, this Valentine's Day, or anything else you'd like. This is a gift that you can't buy at the store because of how unique and personal it is! Your partner will absolutely love this!




Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Box

This is the gift that keeps on giving. First we have a puzzle box. Upon opening the puzzle box we are then treated to a pull apart ring. This ring's stone can be held up to the light to see the message "I love you" repeated over and over again. It also comes with another ring that is expandable! It turns into a luxe bracelet! What a unique gift set! Your sweetie will be blown away by this one of a kind Valentine's Day gift! 



His Crazy Her Weirdo Couples Keychains Gifts for Him and Her

 For a small, inexpensive, yet adorable present, gift your partner this cute puzzle keychain set! It comes with two puzzle piece keychains that say "His Crazy" and "Her Weirdo". These puzzle pieces fit together just like the two of you! You can carry your puzzle piece on your keys, bag, or anywhere else you can attach it!




Cherry Blossom 3D Pop-up Card

 If you want to give your sweetheart a card that's more than a card, then you've found it! This cherry blossom 3D pop-up card is the kind of Valentine's Day card that she'll want to keep forever! Upon opening the card, they'll see your heartfelt message as well as a beautiful cherry blossom tree and an embracing couple pop up in the center. It's a beautifully romantic card with an added surprise!




I Love You Wallet Card Insert

 For a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband, this wallet card insert is a sentimental yet simple gift that can mean so much. The message reads, "When I say I love you more, I don't mean I love you more than me, I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have, I love you more than the distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try to come between us. I love you the most," this is perfect for someone that travels a lot, two people in a long distance relationship, or for any scenario!




Couples Gifts Picture Frame

 This sweet picture frame comes with the message, "I love you most, the end I win" written on it as well as a unique weaved heart. It also comes in a beautiful gift box and is paired with a card if you'd like to use it. Leave it empty or insert an adorable photo of the two of you together! Your partner can display this by their bedside, on their desk, on a mantle, or anywhere else they'd like! The perfect sentimental photo gift!



Taken Valentine's Day Gifts For Him Boyfriend T-Shirt

Taken Valentine's Day Gifts For Him Boyfriend T-Shirt

 Perfect for a boyfriend, husband, or fiancé! This "taken" heart tee is comfy as well as funny and sweet. You could even pair it with a matching tee for you to wear together out on a date or just to relax in at home! It's simple and sweet while making your message heard!




Teddy Bear with Rose

 The classic teddy bear! This soft and cuddly pal is perfect for anyone on Valentine's Day! Who doesn't love a good snuggle buddy? This classic teddy bear is holding a rose in his paws. His feet have a red heart pattern on them. He's so adorable, how could you resist not getting this cute little man for your partner or Mom?




You Are my Sunshine Music Box

 Get ready for a sentimental gift that might bring tears to someone's eyes. This hand cranked wooden music box comes with the song, "You Are my Sunshine" this is appropriate for a girlfriend, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, husband, or a Mom! If the love in your life is your sunshine, then this tiny music box is the perfect present for them!



christmas gifts for women

Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces are very in right now! Celebrities like Taylor Swift to royalty like Meghan Markle wear them and the woman you're looking to surprise should too! Just choose the first initial of the person you're going to give this necklace to and choose between a gold, rose gold (as seen above) or silver color and watch them light up on Christmas day when they open their new everyday accessory! Initial necklaces are all about owning your style and personalizing your look. They can also be a nod to a significant other, a child, parent, pet or anyone else! Get creative!



christmas gifts for women

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are simple, trendy, and can mean a lot to the wearer. Personalize a cuff bracelet for your gift recipient with a message that will mean a lot to them. For a wife or girlfriend, maybe pick something like, "I love you more," or "My sun and sky, my moon and stars." For a Mom, you could write, "Best Mom Ever," or "Always my Mom, Forever my Friend." Or something that only the person wearing the bracelet will understand to make it extra special and personal. This is perfect for everyday wear on its own or layered with other jewelry!



christmas gifts for women

Personalized Coordinates Necklace

Is there a place that means the world to her? Maybe its her hometown, the place she was married, the place her child was born, the college where she met her lifelong friends, the place she first met you... If there's a significant location to the person you're gifting for, this lovely personalized coordinates necklace is a great choice! Just search for the exact coordinates of the place you have in mind and the designers at Gracefully Made will engrave them onto a beautiful sterling silver disc necklace with a heart charm attached! These numbers are more than just numbers, and she's sure to love this!



actual handwriting necklace

Actual Handwriting Necklace

Personalized necklaces make a great gift for any woman, at any age. Whether its for your girlfriend, wife, sister, best friend, Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or anyone else you can think of, she's sure to love it! This particular necklace is a double circle disc necklace with space for a short message and a signature. Our friends at Sincerely Silver can actually take a real handwritten note from you and engrave it onto the discs as if you did it by hand yourself! Amazing! Say something sweet like, "I love you" or "Always in my Heart" or "Best Mom Ever" whatever you'd like! Follow it up with a signature for the smaller disc and you have a Christmas present that's one of a kind and sentimental! Comes in silver (as seen above), gold, and rose gold!



Silver Heart Necklace

Wear your sweetheart's initial on a heart charm, over your heart for a meaningful everyday necklace! Or choose your own initial, your child's, your pets, or a passed on loved one. These heart initial pendants are small and dainty but look beautiful on their own or layered with other lovely chains and accessories. Customize further with silver, gold, or rose gold and a different font if you'd prefer.


christmas gifts for men

Personalized Wood Keepsake Box

For the man that carries small trinkets like cuff links, rings, chains, a watch, earrings if he wears them, or anything else that is important to him, this personalized wood keepsake box is a perfect gift! Personalize it with the recipients name and either their birth date, an anniversary date or even this Valentine's Day! This box comes with four storage slots to separate your treasures. This keepsake box looks chic and modern with a wooden bottom and leather lid. He can always think of you anytime he sees this box on his nightstand, in a drawer, on the bathroom sink, or anywhere else it can be placed!



12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Silk Pajama Set

 A silk pajama set is such a sweet gift for the Prince Charming in your life. He'll feel so spoiled in this royal blue silk pajama set and so comfortable too! These pajamas are perfect for bedtime, or lounging around the house in his slippers on a Saturday morning with his coffee in hand. Plus, you can't help but notice how adorable he's gonna look in this!



7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Art - Personalized Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave art is making waves...literally. Written lyrics are one thing, but imagine having a picture of the sound of his favorite song, or your first dance song if applicable. If not a song, then send us a recording of a sweet message like, "I love you," or "Happy Valentine's Day!" and have its sound wave printed on a stunning copper canvas! It makes for great modern/contemporary wall art and is a unique statement of love that your husband or boyfriend will be blown away by!



christmas gifts for men

Men's Leather Bracelet

If your SO is a bracelet guy, then these leather bracelets are the perfect everyday accessory! Stylish, masculine, modern, unique...these are the words that describe the guy you have in mind, so why not give him something that will match his trendy style? Choose between black or brown to match his wardrobe and see as this sleek leather bracelet becomes his new everyday accessory!



Engraved Pocket Watch

For Valentine's Day this year, give him something beautiful and classic! An engraved pocket watch! Personalize it with his name, or your shared last name, or even his initials! You could even add your anniversary date! This black and chrome colored pocket watch is a classic and sophisticated accessory that he can wear on him or keep at home in a keepsake box!



Have a safe and wonderful Valentine's Day with the one you love!

With Love,

The Sincerely Silver Crew

  • January 13, 2021
  • Kristen Kish
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