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What to Sell for Fundraisers

What to Sell for Fundraisers

what to sell for fundraisers


Creating a product catalog for a fundraiser can be challenging. When deciding what kind of items you're going to sell, its good to consider two things: One, what kind of things do people WANT, and two, what kind of things do people NEED. It's also just good to think about what kind of organization you're running and who your audience is going to be. If you're running a fundraiser for a school, you could consider items kids might want, school pride merchandise, or things parents might want or need. Ultimately, you want to pick items you know are going to SELL. They should be priced high enough that you can make a profit, but low enough that they are accessible to potential supporters. What kind of items you choose can also depend on how high your fundraising goal is, and what your budget is for the fundraiser. For these concerns and more, we've put together a need-to-know list for you so that you can decide what to sell for your fundraiser! Let's get to it!



What to Sell for Fundraisers


outdoor jewelry

Jewelry Catalog

Selling jewelry is a very efficient way to raise funds for your cause. Building a catalog for your supporters to sift through will undoubtedly get you sales. It's good to choose a variety of jewelry types so that people of all ages and styles can find something that they'll love! You can even partner with Sincerely Silver to create a catalog, landing page, your own custom URL, and a 30% cut of each sale for your fundraiser! For ideas on what kind of jewelry you should add to your catalog, see our article here.

If you're interested in partnering with us, check out our Fundraiser Page.


 what to sell for fundraisers

School Pride Merchandise

If your fundraiser is for a school or is being organized by a school, school pride merchandise is a great way to raise funds! Think hoodies, crew neck sweaters, t-shirts, tote bags, hats, socks, maybe even some custom jewelry! The students and parents of your school will be more than happy to represent their place of education and also look stylish in the process! These are perfect for everyday wear or to use for school sporting events or even just to wear on a chilly day. Reach your goals with school pride!

For more on School Fundraisers, see our article here.


what to sell for fundraisers

Cookie Catalog

Who can resist the promise of delicious cookies? Create a cookie catalog for your potential supporters to fill out and send them boxes of their delicious choices or the cookie dough needed to bake them. A great way to convince your audience to follow through is to educate them on the cause your fundraiser is going towards but also giving them samples of the cookies they can purchase! Set up a sample station or put on a small bake sale and let people know that they can have these cookies in bulk by filling out your form and donating money towards your cause! It's a sweet treat with a sweeter meaning!


Additional Fundraising Ideas

For Educators: Festival, Carnival, Silent Auction, Magazine Drive, Bake Sale, Lemonade Sale, a Food Truck Sales (at a school sports game for example), School Dances, Escape Room, Haunted House Walk-Through, Rummage Sale, Student Concert, Product Catalog.

See Our Article About School Fundraiser Ideas for More!

For Businesses: Festivals, Concerts, a Silent Auction, Product Catalog, A Silent Auction Dinner, Wine Tasting, A Marathon or Obstacle Race, an Art Show, Food Truck Sales (at a separate event such as a music festival).

For Non-Profit Organizations: Rummage Sale, Amateur Film Festival, Trivia Night, Marathon or Obstacle Race, Bake Sale, Lemonade Sale, Arts and Crafts Sale, Product Catalog, Raffle Tickets, Social Sharing.

See Our Article About Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas for More! 


what to sell for fundraisers

Other Ideas for What to Sell for Fundraisers:

Chocolate Catalog

Custom Hats

Custom Pins

Custom T-Shirts

Tote Bags

Handmade Jewelry

Art Prints


Key Chains

Drawstring Backpacks

Fanny Packs


Sun Visors




Bumper Stickers

Custom License Plates

Vinyl Stickers

Coffee Mugs

Reusable Water Bottles

Braid Bread Dough

Brownie Dough

Used Books

Used Clothes

Used Toys



If you're interested in partnering with us, check out our Fundraiser Page.


what to sell for fundraisers

What other items should we add to our list? Let us know down in the comments!

  • October 21, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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