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Where To Buy Hemp Necklaces Online (Your 2020 Guide)

Where To Buy Hemp Necklaces Online (Your 2020 Guide)

Learning how to make your own hemp necklace can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why it is important to know where to buy hemp necklaces online! While it’s fashionable to make your own hemp necklace, it’s more fashionable to sport high quality jewelry. That’s why we’ve searched the web to help you determine all the best online jewelry stores for hemp necklaces.

First of all, what is hemp jewelry?

The product, hemp, is a fiber that comes from the cannabis plant. Though it is not legal to grow cannabis in all US states, it is totally and completely legal to wear hemp jewelry no matter where you are! A lot of the hemp twine is imported from China and can be relatively rough. However, it is possible to create soft hemp, almost like cotton, but this type of hemp yarn is relatively uncommon.

For where to buy hemp necklaces online and online jewelry shops featuring a wide variety of types of hemp necklaces, keep reading!

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#1 Beach Hemp Jewelry

Beach Hemp Jewelry features a wide variety of hemp necklaces for you to choose from! The designs you see are seriously awesome — in addition to the hemp material, Beach Hemp includes glass pendants for you to showcase a super cool design. For instance, are you looking for a hemp mushroom necklace? Beach Hemp Jewelry features some of the best hemp mushroom necklace styles out there! If you’re not sure where to buy hemp necklaces online, check out Beach Hemp Jewelry. You won’t be let down.


#2 Hemp Beadery


If you’re trying to determine where to buy hemp necklaces online, Hemp Beadery is a no brainer! Everything from pucca shells to wooden accents, you'll feel like a real Vsco Girl wearing these!  

#3 80Spain

80Spain is your one-stop-shop for hemp necklaces and other hand made accessories. If you’re looking for handmade hemp jewelry and where to buy hemp necklaces online where each necklace is one-of-a-kind then you’ve found the right store! The shop owner has a passion for creating that is obvious when you see all the designs available for hemp necklaces on their website.

#4 The Ravens Edge

Looking for awesome hemp necklace patterns? There are so many different kinds of crystal hemp necklaces offered at The Ravens Edge that you will be sure to find what you’re looking for. The wonderful thing about this online hemp necklace shop is that they offer a huge variety of other accessories to accompany your hemp necklace. If you’re looking for a hemp necklace with pendant, you can’t get better than The Ravens Edge! 

#5 Vahalla Works


This jewelry shop might specialize in hammered iron pendants, but they use vegan hemp chords to tie it all together! Looking for handmade hemp jewelry? Vahalla Works features a variety of hemp necklace patterns and types of hemp necklaces for you to choose from! If you’re looking for hemp necklaces with Nordic influence, Vahalla Works is the place to go. The shop owner specializes in creating unique-looking jewelry pieces and crafting one-of-a-kind items that you will be sure to love. If you’re not sure where to buy hemp necklaces and keep asking all your friends, where can I buy hemp necklaces?!, you don’t need to wonder anymore! Vahalla Works is the place to shop online for hemp necklaces.

  • May 08, 2019
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