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Where To Buy Leather Bracelets Online (Top 7 Online Jewelry Stores!)

Where To Buy Leather Bracelets Online (Top 7 Online Jewelry Stores!)

There’s no question about it — leather bracelets are one of the all-time most popular bracelet styles this year!! The late ‘90s saw celebrities wearing leather bracelets; though they were the trendsetters from a while ago, the leather bracelet style is here to stay. 

As time passed, more and more people started wearing leather bracelets so that it has become a pretty standard bracelet style today. Though it is a particularly fashionable bracelet style for men, leather bracelets also remain high up on the popularity list for women, too. It can be difficult to know where to buy leather bracelets online because you want to make sure you are purchasing high quality leather.

That’s where we come in. 

We’ve searched all around the web to locate all the best online jewelry stores and where to buy leather bracelets online. Whether you’re looking for personalized leather bracelets, wrap leather bracelets, thick leather bracelets, or even dainty and thin leather bracelets, we’ve got you covered! For all the best online leather bracelet stores and where to buy leather bracelets online, keep reading!!

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#1 Karved Creations

karved creations

Still struggling with where to buy bracelets online? Karved Creations focuses entirely on crafting perfect leather bracelets in a variety of colors! The wonderful thing about Karved Creations is that you can have them engraved and personalized with anything you want! With incredibly affordable prices (less than $10!!), you will love the leather bracelets at Karved Creations.


#2 The Blue Coop Door

the blue coop door

Established in 2016, The Blue Coop Door is a family-run business based in a beach community in the gulf of Florida. The family shares a passion for jewelry design and craftsmanship, and it shows. Their leather bracelets look great on any gender and come in multiple designs! Their braided leather bracelets make for great oil diffuser jewelry and their personalized leather bracelets can be engraved with anything you want! With affordable prices and a family passionate about creating, The Blue Coop Door is definitely your go-to for where to buy bracelets online. 


#3 Surf Legacy

surf legacy

Established in 2016, Surf Legacy features surf, nautical and religion-inspired leather jewelry for the modern man and the modern woman. The styles you see on Surf Legacy are truly unique, which is why we just couldn’t pass them up! Branching out from the typical braided leather bracelets and single strap leather bracelets, Surf Legacy’s bracelets feature infinity signs, viking symbols, fish hooks, snakes, axes, yin yang symbols and whale tails! All of the leather bracelets you see on this online Etsy shop are 100% handmade and assembled by the shop owner and designer. Check them out today!


#4 Orange Bridge Supply

orange bridge supply

If you’re looking for where to buy leather bracelets online and haven’t yet been satisfied, then you can’t pass up Orange Bridge Supply. They are dedicated to making unique products that are made to last and all of their work is done in-house. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the growing team is always overjoyed to hear when their leather products are used in special events, such as weddings, engagements or anniversaries. The team at Orange Bridge Supply stated, “Every day we feel fortunate to be in the workshop doing what we love for a living. We take enormous pride in what we make: nothing leaves our workshop unless we know our customers will love it.” We think that’s pretty great, which is why we think you should check them out if you’re looking for where to buy leather bracelets online!


#5 In-Tendencia


In-Tendencia offers a variety of leather bracelets that are all super unique! Their boho leather bracelets come in a variety of designs, make for the perfect accent to any outfit, and are all incredibly affordable! If you’re not sure where to buy leather bracelets online, you should definitely check out In-Tendencia today!


#6 Asenath Designs

asenath designs

The leather bracelet designs at Asenath Designs are one-of-a-kind. Each and every item you see on this online Etsy shop is handmade by the owner and creator, Julie Mattern. Though Asenath Designs began as Honey Cloth Textiles sewing bags for a local boutique, the owner’s creativity branched out to include a wide variety of leather products. When asked about the meaning behind her shop’s name, she explains it was her mother’s middle name. Since her mother encouraged Mattern to sew and create, the store name is an homage to her. If you’re not sure where to leather bracelets online, you should check out Asenath Designs today. You won’t be let down.


#7 Amy’s Leather Lane

amys leather lane

The leather bracelets you see at this online Etsy shop make for the perfect accessory because of the wide variety of other elements they are paired with. Looking for leather and pearl bracelets? How about geometric leather bracelets? What about bangle bracelets made of leather? Amy’s Leather Lane features all of those! The owner and creator, Amy Yockel, feels best when she is being creative; though she studied biology in college, she decided to follow her heart with all of her unique creations. That’s why we love Amy’s Leather Lane! If you’re looking for where to buy leather bracelets online, check out Amy’s Leather Lane today.

  • July 24, 2019
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