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Where To Buy Dainty Bracelets Online (All The Top Stores!)

Where To Buy Dainty Bracelets Online (All The Top Stores!)

Where To Buy Dainty Bracelets Online

Dainty bracelets (and dainty jewelry in general) is definitely, 100% in. Specifically, layering and combining chunky jewelry with dainty jewelry is all the rage right now. Do you have a variety of dainty rings and dainty necklaces, but are at a loss for where to buy dainty bracelets? 

Don’t worry — we get it. 

It can definitely be hard to know where to buy dainty bracelets online, and just where to buy jewelry in general online! You want to make sure you’re buying high quality jewelry that won’t fall apart after a few wears. This is especially important with dainty bracelets: do to their location on the body, bracelets often see a lot more wear and tear than necklaces, for instance. With dainty bracelets, you have to be extra careful where you purchase them because they can easily fall apart if not properly assembled with high quality materials. 

That’s where we come in. 

We’ve searched all around the web to locate the best, highest quality online jewelry stores so that you can feel confidant you know where to buy dainty bracelets online. For all the best dainty bracelets and where to buy dainty bracelets online, keep reading!!!


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#1 Custom Brites

custom brites

Combining dainty and chunky jewelry items are in, that’s a fact! So, where do you go when you need to find all the best dainty bracelets? Custom Brites features personalized, dainty bracelets that are super cute and super affordable. In gold, sterling silver and rose gold, the dainty bracelets at Custom Brites come in a variety of styles and metals, so that you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Each and every dainty bracelet is handcrafted in their studio and they make sure each item is made exactly to their customers’ specifications. We think that’s pretty cool. For where to buy bracelets online, check out Custom Brites today!

#2 Ivolve Beauty

ivolve beauty

Ivolve Beauty features simple and cute jewelry for everyday wear. Ivolve Beauty was born from the desire to create affordable, delicate jewelry for everyday wear, and we think they’ve succeeded! Dainty and minimalist jewelry is their thing, that’s for sure. At incredibly affordable prices and high quality jewelry materials, Ivolve Beauty is the place to go for dainty bracelets!

#3 Silveristic


Not sure where to buy bracelets online? Silveristic offers a wide selection of personalized and dainty bracelets! Whether you’re looking for a simple and dainty birthstone bracelet, tiny letter bracelet, a chakra bracelet or a couples’ bracelet, you will find it at Silveristic! The shop owner, designer and maker stated, “I truly believe that unique and personalized gifts, made by skilled artisans, still have a place in a world where almost everything is being mass produced. That is what drives me in crafting beautiful handmade jewelry — personalized to your requests.” We completely agree, and that’s why we think Silveristic is pretty great. Check them out today!


#4 Lolabean Jewelry


We absolutely love the dainty bracelet designs we see on Lolabean Jewelry. Featuring pearls, gemstones and dainty chains, this online Etsy shop crafts the perfect dainty bracelet that you can easily pair with any of your other bracelets! Beginning in 2005 as a family business, Lolabean Jewelry features minimalist and feminine jewelry items perfect for layering. The jewelry designer behind Lolabean, Tiffany Bean, states, “I love creating jewelry that doesn't weigh one down and simple pieces that can be worn daily.” For where to buy dainty bracelets online, check out Lolabean Jewelry today! 


#5 Silesta


Not sure where to buy dainty bracelets online? Silesta is the place to go! The personalized bracelets you see at this online Etsy shop are super dainty and simple, making it easy to layer and pair with other, chunkier bracelet styles. The shop owner and jewelry designer of Silesta stated, “My goal is to offer you the best possible jewelry at a reasonable price, and a variety of options to fit your needs. I like crafting and make people happy. If my piece of jewelry puts a smile on someone's face then I have done my job." We think that’s pretty great, and we whole-heartedly agree! Check out Silesta today for where to buy dainty bracelets online!

#6 K2 Jewels

k2 jewels

The dainty bracelet designs you see at K2 Jewels are so unique and there are so many different styles you won’t know which one to pick! The huge variety of different dainty bracelet styles and the insanely affordable prices make this one of our all-time favorite online shops for where to buy dainty bracelets online. If you’re at a loss for where to buy dainty bracelets online, you can’t pass up K2 Jewels. Check them out today!

#7 Raniska By Rani


Raniska offers a huge selection of handmade jewelry and gorgeous styles. From simple, elegant and dainty styles to ultra-glam, the jewelry items you see on Raniska showcase a huge range of talents. With the cutest and daintiest designs, as well as super affordable prices, Raniska is the place to shop for dainty bracelets online. If you’re uncertain as to where to buy dainty bracelets online, Raniska by Rani is the place to go, no doubt!

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