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Best Online Jewelry Store For Body Jewelry

Best Online Jewelry Store For Body Jewelry

Body jewelry items are jewelry creations that are made specifically for use in body piercing. Body jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Common types of body jewelry are barbells, captive bead rings, labrets, navel rings, plugs, spirals and other kinds of jewelry that require a piercing. Historically, body jewelry has utilized a wide variety of materials, such as wood, bone, bamboo, stone, silicone, tusks, porcelain, among other items! With so many different materials that can be utilized, body jewelry can be as modest or as adventurous as you want! Check out our complete guide to the best online stores for body jewelry to get a feel for conservative body jewelry designs, as well as bold designs.

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#1 Body Candy

body jewelry bodycandy

Body Candy Jewelry focuses on offering high quality jewelry in a variety of price ranges so that everyone can find something they like. Body Candy is one of the most trusted body jewelry stores online for a number of reasons: they have great customer service, they offer high quality merchandise, they have an extensive collection of body jewelry and body accessories, they have some of the lowest prices on the web, and they have sophisticated encryption system to protect your personal information. Regarding quality, their fine materials include 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium. Their collection includes navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nipple rings and nose studs. The styles they offer include anything from basic body piercings to their unique handcrafted creations which include Swarovski crystals. They also have an accessory collection, including: toe rings, belly chains, apparel and temporary tattoos.


#2 BM25

body jewelry bm25

BM25 focuses on quality, variety and experience in the industry, making them one of the best online jewelry stores for body jewelry. Since Bm25 is dedicated to the hygienic and safety concerns of their customers, they offer only the finest quality jewelries made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, implant grade titanium, 14K solid gold among others. Regarding variety, BM25 carries navel rings, barbells, eyebrow curves, plugs, tapers, nose rings, labrets and others.


#3 Pagoda

body jewelry pagoda

Piercing Pagoda is widely known as the ear piercing kiosk leader in shopping malls across the United States and Puerto Rico. As the nation’s largest specialty kiosk retailer, Piercing Pagoda remains the leader in ear piercing and now offers a wide variety of body jewelry options, including: a variety of silver and diamond jewelry, 10K and 14K gold chains, charms, bracelets, rings and earrings.

#4 Êclectique Creations

body jewelry eclectique creations

Êclectique Creations began its body jewelry journey by first focusing on custom artwork, home decor, signs and shoes. The owner and creator, Kylie Anne, loves being able to create unique body jewelry designs for her clients. The body jewelry designs at Êclectique Creations are truly unique with a variety of leg chains, arm chains, back chains and body chains. No matter what kind of body jewelry you are looking for, you can be sure that Êclectique Creations is one of the best online jewelry stores for body jewelry. The custom creations offered by this online body jewelry shop are affordable, eclectic and handcrafted. Check them out for yourself!


#5 Blackthorn Jewellery

body jewelry blackthorn jewellery

At Blackthorn Jewellery, you will find unique fashion jewelry, body jewelry designs, hair accessories and one-off pieces with edge. Sourcing the finest quality jewelry from all over the world, Blackthorn Jewellery transforms quality materials into contemporary jewelry art pieces. Blackthorn Jewellery is based in Belfast, UK, and focuses on creating headpieces, body jewelry, chokers, necklaces, earrings, hand chains, bracelets and rings. Blackthorn Jewellery’s body jewelry fits perfectly over or under clothes to create the perfect stylish body jewelry designs.


#6 A La Pop Jewelry

body jewelry a la pop

A La Pop Jewelry all began when the owner, Jennie, walked into a jewelry supply store in Buenos Aires, Argentina one day. The owner’s love for shiny things and colors transformed into a jewelry-making hobby that then blossomed into the lovely online body store you see today. A La Pop Jewelry offers a wide selection of body jewelry online: collar pins, septum rings, nose rings, cartilage rings, belly button rings, hand chains, head chains, ear cuffs, armlets, ear threaders, body chains, and more! As the owner, maker, designer, curator, photographer and doer-of-everything-in-between, Jennie loves to create new and interesting pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, so contact her today for all of your body jewelry designs!


#7 Curly Cuffs

body jewelry curly cuffs

Curly Cuffs is based in Toronto, Canada and offers the best body jewelry selection without any piercings required! This online body jewelry store creates lovely jewelry items for those who do not have nor want piercings in their body. With Curly Cuffs, you can get the unique look of body jewelry without having to pierce any body parts! They offer fake septum rings, fake nose rings, fake lip rings, ear cuffs, lips cuffs, fake earrings, tragus cuffs and various other faux piercings! Curly Cuffs offers a wide variety handmade body jewelry; accepts Paypal, credit cards and Etsy gift cards; and all their items can be shipped worldwide! Check them out today for the best online jewelry store for body jewelry.


#8 Fresh Trends

body jewelry fresh trends

Fresh Trends is on a mission to provide their customers with gorgeous piercing jewelry. Not only do they help you to show off your own unique sense of style, but their body jewelry is all incredibly affordable! Each and every one of their items is handcrafted and is made from either solid 14K gold (that is nickel-free) or solid 950 platinum. For over 10 years, they have been providing expertly-crafted jewelry items. What's more, since they design and craft their jewelry in house, they do custom designs and are available to design a piece just for you! Check them out today, you won't be let down. 

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Karen Johnston

April 24, 2019

You do beautiful work. By chance do you make/design ear cuffs?

Sincerely Silver

April 24, 2019

Hi Karen -

Thanks so much! We’re glad you like our stuff. At this time, we don’t offer ear cuffs, but this is something we’re interested in designing and we’re hoping to offer them soon!

Freida Turner

May 16, 2019

This is a really informative content. In case of jewelry, it becomes difficult to shop from the online store. It’s better to do proper research and go through the reviews before buying jewelry online. Last month, I bought a pair of earrings from Fresh Trends and they are amazing. Fresh Trends have a unique collection that completely goes with youth style. Thanks.

Sincerely Silver

May 16, 2019

Hi Freida -

Thanks for the comment and we’re glad you found our post to be informative. We agree, it can be difficult to know quality jewelry when shopping online, which is why we hope to provide our readers & customers with helpful tips. Check back each week for new & unique collections, as well as helpful blog posts. Thanks!!