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Best Online Jewelry Store For Boho Jewelry

Best Online Jewelry Store For Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry is all the rage right now and is typically characterized by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 70s. Overall, the look is often colorful and flowing, composed of tiered skirts, peasant dresses, ethnic touches and jewelled embellishments. Today, boho style is most commonly paired with other styles and trends, rather than wearing boho from head-to-toe. Thus, boho jewelry makes for the perfect addition to any wardrobe, so you can mix and match all your unique styles to create something all your own. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have popularized boho fashion by mixing in modern touches and minimalist designs. Check out our complete guide to boho jewelry for all the best online jewelry stores!

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#1 Bohemian Earth

boho jewelry bohemian earth

Bohemian chic jewelry is on the rise as one of the hottest new trends. Thankfully, Bohemian Earth finds the most beautiful boho jewelry around the world and sells them at an affordable price. Though relatively new (Bohemian Earth began in 2015), they have made themselves available to all who value bohemian style by providing chic, trendy items at an affordable price.


#2 Three Bird Nest

boho jewelry three bird nest

Three Bird Nest has a history of delivering boho fashionable clothing and accessories to their customers. As a bohemian online boutique, 3BN prides themselves on offering high quality jewelry accessories since they began in 2011. They offer one-of-a-kind handmade items, as well as ethical and affordable fashion. Their mission is to inspire creativity in every customer and to redefine what “shopping” means by offering a unique assortment of inspirational jewelry at unparalleled quality and affordable costs. Beginning as a one-woman shop, 3BN has only grown since their start due to the glow of others who have been thrilled to become a part of their amazing creations.


#3 Free People

boho jewelry freepeople

Free People had humble beginnings in the streets of Philadelphia during the 1970s. The brand intended to nurture the young, free-spirited people who lived there, and encourage a sense of freedom with their fashion choices. Since then, Free People has only grown in popularity due to its emphasis on femininity, courage and spirit. Their aesthetic attracts free and adventurous spirits who value intelligence, creativity and individuality. These features can be seen in their handmade products that outdoes most other online boho chic jewelry stores.



#4 Moxie Studio Designs

boho jewelry moxie studio designs

With humble beginnings, Moxie Studio Designs began from a jewelry party hosted at the owner’s home. From there, passion and creative flair flourished, allowing the owner of Moxie to experiment with metalsmithing. Beaded jewelry, purses, pet beds and stenciled dishes are just some of the unique designs of Moxie Studio Designs. When the owner expanded the shop to include mixed metals, various textures and stamps, the possibilities have only grown from there. These handcrafted designs are definitely created with moxie: you will never find another online jewelry store for boho jewelry designed with more courage and spunk than Moxie Studio Design’s jewelry.


#5 Qlka Art Studio

boho jewelry qlka art studio

Qlka Art Studio is inspired by the beauty, femininity and creativity of women. Made with colored strings, stones, pearls, fabrics, threads, needles and buttons, Qlka Art jewelry is one of the most unique online jewelry stores for boho jewelry. Utilizing color, nature, architecture and art as sources of inspiration, this online boho jewelry store strives to create art jewelry that unleashes the inner soul of each individual. Qlka Art Studio is truly one of a kind and is designed for any style of dress, whether you are going for an elegant evening gown style or a simple shirt and jeans style. The embroidery technique employed by Qlka Art Studio is labor intensive, requires a lot of precision and creates luxurious designs you will be sure to love.


#6 Pretty Vagrant

boho jewelry pretty vagrant

Pretty Vagrant, LLC is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. All the lovely creations are made by the two hands of Ann, the owner, maker, designer and curator. Only using feathers from American farmers, the owner then cleans, sanitizes and dyes the feathers in small batches to create unique designs you will only find at Pretty Vagrant. Though the owner was initially inspired by the creativity of feather earrings, she has recently taken her creativity to a new level to include dangle plugs and feather plugs. Pretty Vagrant offers a wide variety of feather jewelry, from feather earrings to feather hair extensions! She cites her clients as her source of inspiration, so contact her today to get started on your very own handmade feather jewelry!


#7 Kurafuchi

boho jewelry kurafuchi

Kurafuchi believes in affordable, quality boho jewelry. This brand focuses primarily on unique, minimalistic designs that have a boho touch. Durable, well-made pieces are made using carefully selected materials at a transparent price point, so you can opt for quality and quantity when you shop online at Kurafuchi. Half of their collection is made in their parisian workshop, while the other half is made by their trusted EU-based partners, who have been chosen by their skill level and reliability to help create their products. In true boho fashion, Kurafuchi’s boho jewelry items are designed to layer and stack. For this reason, their online boho jewelry items are made in a range of lengths, sizes, colors and plating options so that you can customize your style to suit your own personal taste. In line with boho fashion, Kurafuchi is cruelty-free, so none of their products contain leather, suede, silk, feather, horn, tooth, bone, ivory or fur. Kurafuchi is open to suggestions, so feel free to let them know what you’re looking for for all of your boho jewelry desires!

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