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Top 15 Modern Jewelry Trends

Top 15 Modern Jewelry Trends

As a fashionista and jewelry lover, you need to know what’s in style this season, but it can be hard when you read conflicting opinions about what’s hot and what’s not. That’s why we’ve contacted a few top jewelry experts to bring you the top 15 modern jewelry trends.

This year is seeing a surge of blinged-out jewelry, colorful gemstones and modern takes on old styles, like pearls. Additionally, modern jewelry trends have begun to see a revitalization of ‘90s and ‘80s jewelry trends, but with a modern twist.

But don’t just take our word for it —

Check out what the jewelry experts say! For everything you need to know about this year’s jewelry trends, keep reading!  


Trends are subtle translations of our response to various circumstances, such as geopolitical climate, cultural development, art, among other things, that play a role in society today.

Most trends in jewellery are spread over several years, subtly evolving over the years, as luxury simply isn’t fast fashion. However, in fashion, jewellery changes can be somewhat faster due to a different price point.

-Esther Ligthart


#1 Rose Gold Jewelry

rose gold disc necklace

“[A trend] I am seeing is a renewed love of rose gold jewelry.”

-Calla Gold

We just can’t shake the rose gold trend — and for good reason! Rose gold is classy and unique, just like the rest of the modern jewelry trends this decade.

#2 Vintage and Hand Engraved Details on Jewelry

hand engraved details on jewelry

“[There] is a strong trend toward including hand engraving and vintage details. Vintage details are a feminizing feature, making the hand look pretty, and perfectly balanced with older cut diamonds.”

-Calla Gold

Vintage and hand engraved details add the perfect personalized touch to your wedding ring, coin necklace or hoop earrings.

#3 Colorful Jewelry

colorful jewelry

“Colourful jewellery is definitely a big hit this season! From enamel to gemstones, from tassels to leather, colourful jewellery creates that fun, bright, happy effect.”

-Esther Ligthart


#4 Message Jewelry

message jewelry

“It seems like everyone is looking for more thoughtful and meaningful experiences — and jewelry too. I’ve been seeing it everywhere and in every imaginable style.”

-Karin Jacobson

One of the top modern jewelry trends is message jewelry, or personalized jewelry. Must-have necklaces include handwriting necklaces, in which a custom message can be engraved in your own handwriting.


#5 Yellow Gold

yellow gold

“Rose gold hit the fashion scene hard a few years ago, and is still in style, but I’m seeing lots of yellow gold popping up everywhere right now. Especially in the richer, higher karat colors like 18k and 22k.”

-Karin Jacobson

Yellow gold went out of fashion in the mid-90s, but there’s no question about it: yellow gold is back! Yellow gold has been a beloved metal color for centuries, so it’s safe to say its momentary blip of unpopularity doesn’t reflect its overall value.

#6 Wedding Jewelry

wedding ring

“Wedding jewelry…[has] more white gold and platinum than yellow or rose gold.

Since I am a wedding jewelry designer, I'll speak to the trends I'm seeing there. Halos of tiny diamonds surrounding a center diamond are still a popular way to create an elevated and floating feel for your engagement ring, and accentuate the center focus of your ring. It is also helpful when you don't want to sink crazy money into your center gem, because the halo makes that central focus larger.

More young brides are requesting older diamond cuts like rose cut, Old Miner's Cut and Old European cut with round and oval taking the first two positions in popularity. The appeal of these older diamonds, is in part the slightly more warm color you get from older diamonds, mined before the perfectly white colors were discovered. The other appeal is the chunky facet look of the older cuts. They just look different than the more busy scintillation of the modern cuts.

Trends I don't love include salt and pepper diamonds which are basically diamonds with visible inclusions. The whole point of picking a diamond is to have sparkle and strength. A diamond sparkles like your love, unless it doesn't sparkle. It may seem hip and a great price in the moment to choose salt and pepper diamonds which many jewelers refer to as frozen spit, but like a tattoo of your boyfriend who is in and out of juvie, ten years later it is not satisfying.”

-Calla Gold

Calla Gold pretty much said it all. As a wedding jewelry designer, Gold knows the ins and outs of the wedding jewelry trends this year.

#7 Pearls


“I’ve been seeing lots of pearls this year — but not your grandmother’s delicate white strand, so much as single large pearls as pendants and pearls used for statement earrings.”

-Karin Jacobson

Harpers Bazaar agrees: pearls are making a comeback. This season’s pearls are getting a much-needed update: think pearl ear cuffs, pearl hoop earrings or pearl sculptural bracelets. Reimagined for the modern woman, pearls are used as accents to make a bold statement.

#8 Must-Have Earrings: Hoops & Chunky

must have earrings

“Large hoops are thick and bold this season, and we are loving the chunky earrings worn alone or as pair.”

-Esther Ligthart

Your must-have earrings for this season? Hoops and chunky earrings! This summer, focus on bolder, bigger earrings. Hoops are your go-to, wear-with-anything earring style! Don’t hold back this season: modern jewelry trends are all about making a statement.

#9 Mixing Chunky & Dainty

chunky rings

“Jewelry trends for summer are fun: layering very 80’s-like [with] gold or chain for everyday wear. Lots of chunky rings mixed with dainty ones.”

-Taye Hansberry

Mixing chunky and dainty applies to all kinds of jewelry: necklaces, rings or bracelets. When you mix and match chunky with dainty, you get an eclectic, bohemian style that is super unique and all you.

#10 Layering & Mixing Metals

mixing metals

“Trends I am seeing include mixing costume jewelry with fine jewelry. I’ve also been mixing metals.”

-Taye Hansberry

Layered necklaces are definitely in — there’s no question about it. Whether your style is mixing thick and thin chains, sterling silver with rose gold, costume with fine or pearls with tassels, don’t hold back this season. One of the absolute top jewelry trends is mixing and matching different metals, materials and styles to create a look entirely your own.

#11 Flower Jewelry

flower jewelry

“If 2018 was all about butterflies, then let’s declare 2019 the year of flowers. With a very romantic fashion trend still going strong, the long dresses and the flower prints everywhere, it’s easy to see why flower jewellery is so beloved this season.”

-Esther Ligthart

One of this decades top jewelry trends is flower jewelry. Florals are making a statement, from linens to dresses to jewelry.  

#12 Interesting Cuts in Gemstones

interesting cuts in gemstones

“Antique rose cuts have been in vogue for the last several years, but now I’m seeing lots of baguettes, pears, marquises, and even newer “geo-cuts,” both in single pieces and in multi-stone combinations.”

-Karin Jacobson

Whether you’re looking for sapphires, emeralds or amethysts, the way gemstones are cut makes an impact.

#13 Colored Gemstones

colored gemstones

“They’re coming back both for fun cocktail rings and I’m seeing a return of colored gemstones for engagement rings — especially sapphires, which are very durable.  Prince William and Princess Kate brought attention back on sapphires for engagement rings after he gave her his mother Princess Diana’s knockout sapphire, and the trend is catching on.”

-Karin Jacobson

Jewelry trends are all about BOLD. Big color and classy gemstones make a match made in heaven.

#14 Chains & Anklets


“Chains are back! Just the plain version, but with a modern twist. Also, anklets are fashionable again!”

-Esther Ligthart

Anklet bracelets are making a comeback, according to Vogue. Jewelry trendsetters and fashionistas are well aware that anklets, “like basically every other gigantic trend from the ‘90s,” is back in full force.

#15 Coins & Charms

coins and charms

“Just when you thought it was over, coins and charms are coming back, but different from before. Customizing jewellery, adapting it to a personal style — it’s coming back bigger and stronger than ever before. Wearing letters of your name or those you love are also one of the trends in 2019.”

-Esther Ligthart

Coins and charms are definitely one of the top modern jewelry trends. Whether your thing is a 14k amulet, a zodiac pendant or an initial disc necklace, good luck charms are back in popular fashion.

And there you have it!

The top 15 modern jewelry trends! All your must-have earrings, must-have necklaces and must-have jewelry in general.

**Special thanks to Esther Ligthart, Karin Jacobson, Taye Hansberry and Calla Gold for their jewelry insight and collaboration.**

  • June 05, 2019
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