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Where to Buy Earrings Online

Where to Buy Earrings Online

Dying for a new pair of earrings but not sure where to look?? Earrings make fantastic accessories — you can dress up just about any outfit with the right pair of earrings! But it can be difficult to know where to find our next favorite pair.

We all have our favorite kind of earrings.

Some of us love simple and understated studs, while our best friend loves dramatic feathers or fashion earrings. No matter your taste, there are definitely right and wrong places to shop for earrings online.

Why is that?

The struggle with buying any kind of jewelry online is that you just can’t touch or see in person what you’re purchasing, so how can you be certain of the quality? This is especially troublesome if you’re looking for a specific kind of jewelry, say for example feather earrings, gold earrings, diamond studs or fashion earrings.

Hmm, so where to buy earrings online??

Don’t worry — we can help.

We know the frustration, and so that’s why we’ve searched the web to locate some hidden gems of jewelry stores. Whether you’re looking for where to buy feather earrings online, where to buy gold earrings online, where to buy diamond stud earrings online or where to buy fashion earrings online, we’ve got you covered!

Not only are these 4 categories of earrings in demand right now, but they’re the kind of jewelry you want to be sure you’re purchasing at a higher quality. For all you need to know about where to buy earrings online, keep reading!!

Where To Buy Feather Earrings Online


#1 Rose Pedals Jewelry

rose pedals jewelry

Looking for some beautiful and unique feather earrings? Rose Pedals Jewelry is definitely the place to go! At Rose Pedals Jewelry, every single piece of jewelry is handcrafted from recycled bicycle parts, which are salvaged from bike shops! Located on Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada, Rose Pedals Jewelry will definitely answer your question, where to buy feather earrings online?? When you hear that they reuse old bicycle parts to create unique jewelry, you might not think that they have feather earrings, but in fact they do! Though the feather earrings offered at this online store are not necessarily made of feathers, they are a unique take on feathers nonetheless. Check them out today!!


#2 Tatonka Rose

tatonka rose

Tatonka Rose has a wonderful selection of feather earrings. If you’re not sure where to buy earrings online, you will not be disappointed with Tatonka Rose. Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Tatonka Rose gets its inspiration for its one-of-a-kind jewelry designs from the wild, wild West. Their feather earrings are crafted from locally-sourced pheasant and rooster feathers, with accents like recycled leather and spent bullet shells. For those in need of some bold designs, you can’t pass up Tatonka Rose.


#3 Mayfly Jewelry

mayfly jewelry

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, Mayfly Jewelry is certain to spark intrigue in the feather earring lover. These super cute designs are made true to West coast style: delicately beautiful and durable. Not sure where to buy earrings online? Mayfly Jewelry offers a variety of colored feather earrings for the delicately strong woman looking to showcase her personality.

(For more information on feather earrings, check out our longer blog post: Where To Buy Feather Earrings Online!)


Where To Buy Gold Earrings Online


#1 Thalassa Jewelry

thalassa jewelry

Not sure where to buy gold earrings online? Buying gold can be tricky because there’s all these terms thrown around (e.g. gold vermeil, gold filled or gold plated) and you’re not entirely sure which is solid gold or not. Don’t worry, we understand the struggle, and thankfully Thalassa Jewelry gets it, too. At Thalassa Jewelry, all your solid gold earrings will come true! Whether you’re looking for tiny gold stud earrings, gold hoop earrings, gold disc dangle earrings, pearl and gold earrings or unique designs like gold starbursts, you can be sure it’s all solid gold here at Thalassa Jewelry. For where to buy earrings online (and specifically gold earrings), check out Thalassa Jewelry!!


#2 WaterLelie Jewellery

waterlelie jewellery

WaterLelie Jewellery is another incredibly unique solid gold online jewelry store that won’t let you down. The modern and minimalist gold jewelry designs you see at this online Etsy shop are inspiring, delicate and absolutely understated. The great thing about WaterLelie Jewellery is that they offer gold earrings in a variety of karat options, but all solid gold. Whether you’re looking for 10K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or 24K yellow gold, you can be certain you’ll find what you’re looking for at WaterLelie Jewellery. Check them out!!


#3 Elegant Jewel Box

elegant jewel box

With a name like Elegant Jewel Box, you know they’ve got some great designs. If you’re looking for solid gold earrings, you have definitely found the right place — there are so many different unique and wonderful styles of gold earrings here that you won’t know where to begin! Making sure the online jewelry store sells solid gold is the first half of the battle. Next, you have to find a style you like!! The great thing about Elegant Jewel Box is that they offer so many different styles of solid gold earrings! Are you looking for tiny gold hoop earrings, gold stud earrings or gold chain bar earrings? How about gold threader earrings, gold initial earrings or gold earcuffs? Elegant Jewel Box has it all!

(For more information on gold earrings, check out our longer blog post: Where To Buy Gold Earrings Online!)

Where To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings Online


#1 Tiger Gemstones

tiger gemstones

Looking for conflict-free jewelry? Tiger Gemstones is the place to go. Another great problem with online jewelry shopping is knowing where certain shops’ materials come from. With Tiger Gemstones, you don’t have to guess or worry. When a place labels their diamonds as “conflict-free,” you can be sure that the diamonds you see at this store are ethically mined and sold, without any connection to terrorist or opposition groups. The reason for this distinction is because, unfortunately, so many of our world’s diamonds are mined in worn-torn areas of Africa, in which purchasing them contributes to the proliferation of illegal trade. If you’re not sure where to buy earrings online, Tiger Gemstones really is the place to go.


#2 Diamond Scotch

diamond scotch

Looking for where to buy diamond stud earrings online? Diamond Scotch has got you covered! The diamond stud earrings on this online Etsy shop are seriously to die for! With all kinds of shapes and diamond cluster formations, Diamond Scotch has a huge variety that will leave you content with your purchase and wanting more! If you’re struggling to determine where to buy earrings online, Diamond Scotch has a huge variety of gorgeous diamond stud earrings for the diamond and stud earring lover! What’s more — the diamond stud earrings offered at this online Etsy shop are incredibly affordable!!


#3 Infinity Earrings

infinity earrings

Not sure where to buy earrings online? Infinity Earrings offers incredibly affordable diamond stud earrings for the diamond stud earring lover! Whether you’re looking for crystal diamond stud earrings, heart-shaped diamond stud earrings, unique crystal disc earrings or infinity-shaped diamond stud earrings, you can be sure you’ll be pleased with Infinity Earrings. Check them out today for some of the best diamond stud earrings you’ll find online.

(For more information on diamond stud earrings, check out our longer blog post: Where To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings Online!)

Where To Buy Fashion Earrings Online


#1 Avd Marina Beads

avd marina beads

Still having some trouble with where to buy earrings online? Fashion earrings are the way to go and Avd Marina Beads has some pretty spectacular fashion earring styles you just won’t be able to turn down. The designs you see here at this online Etsy shop will have your craving for wacky and wild fashion jewelry totally satisfied! Avd Marina Beads focuses on beaded fashion earrings, as well as silk fashion earrings and embroidered fashion earrings. For fashion jewelry that really makes a statement (and at an affordable price!!), Avd Marina Beads is the way to go.


#2 Dimensional Vision

dimensional vision

If you’re on the hunt for some truly statement-making fashion earrings, Dimensional Vision has got the style for you! From leather to plastic to wire, and from crochet to fabric, Dimensional Vision utilizes as many different materials as they can to bring you the fashion earrings you’ve been dreaming about! The fashion earrings you see here are so uniquely shaped that it’ll be difficult to decide on just one! Fashion earrings are there to stand out, accentuate your style and compliment your natural beauty. With fashion earrings from Dimensional Vision, you can be sure your earrings will do just that.


#3 Epuu


Looking for unique, handmade fashion jewelry? Not sure where to buy earrings online? Epuu’s got you covered! With some truly one-of-a-kind fashion earring designs, Epuu is your one-stop online shop for any and all fashion earrings!! When it comes to fashion earrings, finding the right style can be difficult because there are a lot of different uniquely handmade fashion earring shops out there. However, Epuu’s designs will have your jaw on the floor with its delicate and charming fashion earring collection. Get your credit card ready — you might not be able to stop at just one! Check out Epuu today: you won’t be let down, that’s for sure!!

(For more information on fashion earrings, check out our longer blog post: Where To Buy Fashion Earrings Online!)

We hope you got some great ideas for where to buy earrings online! In the comments below, let us know where you like to buy earrings online!

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