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Where To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings Online

Where To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings Online

Diamond stud earrings are in style, have been in style for a while and probably won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

Why is that? 

Well, because diamonds are a classic material for jewelry and have been considered the quintessential jewelry item for engagement rings and proposals since the 1930’s. Diamonds are not rare, though they have to be mined from inside the earth, which means that their availability is limited only by the rate at which they can be mined. 

So what about stud earrings?

Stud earrings are a versatile earring style preferred by those who like to dress up their outfits without drawing too much attention. Unlike dangle earrings, stud earrings can be worn during strenuous activity (though not recommended), like swimming, hiking or biking. This makes stud earrings a valuable and versatile earring style cherished by many.

Thus, diamond stud earrings make for a classic and multipurpose jewelry style. Diamond stud earrings make for great gifts for friends — (not sure what to get your best friend for her birthday? Go for diamond stud earrings!) — as well as excellent additions to any jewelry collection. 

Not sure how to buy diamond stud earrings online? 

We can help!

Whether you’re looking for black diamond stud earrings, gold diamond stud earrings or 1 carat diamond stud earrings, we’ve got you covered! We’ve searched the web to locate some wonderful diamond stud earrings stores and where to buy diamond stud earrings online, so you don’t have to worry! For all the best online jewelry stores and where to buy diamond stud earrings online, keep reading!!

For more information about where to buy earrings online, check out our longer blog post, Where To buy Earrings Online (Your Go To Guide!).

#1 Tiger Gemstones

tiger gemstones

Looking for conflict-free jewelry? Tiger Gemstones is the place to go. Another great problem with online jewelry shopping is knowing where certain shops’ materials come from. With Tiger Gemstones, you don’t have to guess or worry. When a place labels their diamonds as “conflict-free,” you can be sure that the diamonds you see at this store are ethically mined and sold, without any connection to terrorist or opposition groups. The reason for this distinction is because, unfortunately, so many of our world’s diamonds are mined in worn-torn areas of Africa, in which purchasing them contributes to the proliferation of illegal trade. If you’re not sure where to buy earrings online, Tiger Gemstones really is the place to go.


#2 Diamond Scotch

diamond scotch

Looking for where to buy diamond stud earrings online? Diamond Scotch has got you covered! The diamond stud earrings on this online Etsy shop are seriously to die for! With all kinds of shapes and diamond cluster formations, Diamond Scotch has a huge variety that will leave you content with your purchase and wanting more! If you’re struggling to determine where to buy earrings online, Diamond Scotch has a huge variety of gorgeous diamond stud earrings for the diamond and stud earring lover! What’s more — the diamond stud earrings offered at this online Etsy shop are incredibly affordable!!


#3 Infinity Earrings

infinity earrings

Not sure where to buy earrings online? Infinity Earrings offers incredibly affordable diamond stud earrings for the diamond stud earring lover! Whether you’re looking for crystal diamond stud earrings, heart-shaped diamond stud earrings, unique crystal disc earrings or infinity-shaped diamond stud earrings, you can be sure you’ll be pleased with Infinity Earrings. Check them out today for some of the best diamond stud earrings you’ll find online.


#4 Elizabeth Jewelry Designs

elizabeth jewelry designs

Looking for where to buy diamond stud earrings online and not sure where to look? Elizabeth Jewelry Designs is your go-to online jewelry store for fine and fashion jewelry! For over 25 years, Elizabeth Jewelry Designs has been manufacturing high quality jewelry at affordable prices! In addition to having a huge selection of diamond stud earrings, black diamond stud earrings and gold diamond stud earrings, Elizabeth Jewelry Designs features a variety of genuine gemstone jewelry and fine jewelry. If you’re looking for high quality diamond stud earrings, Elizabeth Jewelry Designs is absolutely the place to go!


#5 Uniq Studs

uniq studs

With a name like Uniq Studs, you know you’re going to find some exquisite stud earrings at this online Etsy shop! Uniq Studs features a variety of diamond stud earrings in one-of-a-kind designs! Paired with freshwater pearls, gold and sterling silver, the 1 carat diamond stud earrings on Uniq Studs are sure to get your attention. We love this online jewelry shop because all items are handmade by the owner and designer in New York! If you’re struggling with where to buy diamond stud earrings online, give Uniq Studs a look — you won’t be disappointed!


#6 US Jewelry Factory

us jewelry factory

Featuring one-of-a-kind diamond designs, US Jewelry Factory is your one-stop-shop for all things diamond. From a very young age, the owner of US Jewelry Factory had always loved creating art and became engrossed in the fascinating process of diamond jewelry creation. When it came time to propose to his wife-to-be, he felt it would be extra special if he designed the engagement ring himself! When she loved the ring and his first experience designing an engagement ring turned out to be a huge success, he knew he couldn’t stop there. Since then, US Jewelry Factory has come a long way in producing diamond jewelry. Today, they feature a variety of lovely diamond stud earrings that are absolutely to die for. We just love their story and think you’ll like their gorgeous diamond studs, too. If you’re not sure where to buy diamond stud earrings online, US Jewelry Factory is the place to go!


#7 Ord Diamonds

ord diamond

Last but definitely not least: Ord Diamonds! A family run business that has been operating since 2009, Ord Diamonds believes in putting family first. Today, Ord Diamonds specializes in selling all things diamond: diamond earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. They offer a huge diversity of diamond jewelry designs and also take custom design orders! They strive to provide their customers with top-notch customer service, so you can bet you’ll find what you’re looking for at Ord Diamonds! For where to buy diamond stud earrings online, check out Ord Diamonds today!!

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