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Where To Buy Fashion Earrings Online (All-Time Best Online Jewelry Stores!)

Where To Buy Fashion Earrings Online (All-Time Best Online Jewelry Stores!)

Fashion earrings are fun, glamorous and affordable! Want to stay up-to-date with the fashion trends but don’t want to shell out huge lump sums of cash? Fashion earrings and fashion jewelry is absolutely the way to go! However, the term fashion jewelry can be a little confusing — does it mean statement jewelry, costume jewelry or just what’s in popular fashion right now?

Seriously, what are fashion earrings? 

Unlike fine jewelry and semi-fine jewelry, fashion jewelry is typically made of non-precious stones and metals, such as copper, brass or bronze. Fashion earrings and fashion jewelry have been used interchangeably with costume jewelry, which is defined as 

“jewelry designed for wear with current fashions and usually made of inexpensive materials.”

Fashion jewelry is: 

  • Costume jewelry

  • Made with base metals and simulated stones

  • Made with brass, copper, aluminum or bronze

  • Jewelry made entirely out of textiles, leather, beads, acrylic materials, base metal alloys or metals plated with precious metals (such as gold or sterling silver)

  • Simulated stones include Swarovski crystals, plastic stones and cubic zirconia 

  • Statement jewelry is also often considered fashion jewelry

There are many reasons to buy fashion earrings: if you love staying up-to-date and in-the-know with all the latest jewelry trends, then fashion jewelry is a great way to keep your jewelry box updated without having to spend loads of money. 

Not sure where to buy fashion earrings online? 

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! We’ve searched the web to locate the best online jewelry stores so you don’t have to dig too deep! For all the best fashion jewelry earrings, fashion earrings for women and where to buy fashion earrings online, keep reading!!

For more information about where to buy earrings online, check out our longer blog post, Where To buy Earrings Online (Your Go To Guide!).


#1 Avd Marina Beads

avd marina beads

Still having some trouble with where to buy earrings online? Fashion earrings are the way to go and Avd Marina Beads has some pretty spectacular fashion earring styles you just won’t be able to turn down. The designs you see here at this online Etsy shop will have your craving for wacky and wild fashion jewelry totally satisfied! Avd Marina Beads focuses on beaded fashion earrings, as well as silk fashion earrings and embroidered fashion earrings. For fashion jewelry that really makes a statement (and at an affordable price!!), Avd Marina Beads is the way to go.


#2 Dimensional Vision

dimensional vision

If you’re on the hunt for some truly statement-making fashion earrings, Dimensional Vision has got the style for you! From leather to plastic to wire, and from crochet to fabric, Dimensional Vision utilizes as many different materials as they can to bring you the fashion earrings you’ve been dreaming about! The fashion earrings you see here are so uniquely shaped that it’ll be difficult to decide on just one! Fashion earrings are there to stand out, accentuate your style and compliment your natural beauty. With fashion earrings from Dimensional Vision, you can be sure your earrings will do just that.


#3 Epuu


Looking for unique, handmade fashion jewelry? Not sure where to buy earrings online? Epuu’s got you covered! With some truly one-of-a-kind fashion earring designs, Epuu is your one-stop online shop for any and all fashion earrings!! When it comes to fashion earrings, finding the right style can be difficult because there are a lot of different uniquely handmade fashion earring shops out there. However, Epuu’s designs will have your jaw on the floor with its delicate and charming fashion earring collection. Get your credit card ready — you might not be able to stop at just one! Check out Epuu today: you won’t be let down, that’s for sure!! 


#4 Spirit Hoops

spirit hoops

If you’re not sure where to buy fashion earrings online, Spirit Hoops is your go-to online jewelry shop! We absolutely love the fun and quirky hoop earrings filled with so much energy! An artist and a stay-at-home mom, Anna Tew (founder of Spirit Hoops) was inspired by her spunky and enthusiastic daughters. Tew wanted to bring the same joy to other people that her daughters brought to her, sparking the idea of her joyous earring designs. We’re glad she became inspired by her daughters because we love her spirit hoops! Tew states, “My mission with Spirit Hoops is to spread, not only an uplifted spirit, but also confidence and empowerment. My hope is that these earrings will help you to share your spirit, have fun and make meaningful connections.” We think that’s pretty awesome and that her mission is a success so far! Check out Spirit Hoops today!


#5 Malvaus


Looking for fashion earrings that make a bold statement? Malvaus is the place to go, no doubt. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, the owner and designer moved to Miami and began her business of lovely artistic creations. Her unique accessories definitely make a fashion statement, which we’re all for. Each and every item you see on her online Etsy shop is handmade and one-of-a-kind! Malvaus has everything from elegantly shaped chandelier earrings to uniquely designed, colorful fabric earrings. If you’re looking for where to buy fashion earrings online that really make a statement, Malvaus is your go-to shop!


#6 Naphana


Not sure where to buy fashion earrings online? Check out the unique designs from Naphana! With a wide range of materials (beads, gold, tassel fringe and copper), you will not be let down by Naphana. Every item you see on this online Etsy shop is handmade and uniquely designed, which is why we love it. We think the designs speak for themselves, which is why you should check out Naphana today!


#7 Minerva Belle

minerva belle

Minerva Belle features such a wide range of fashion earring designs. From tweed and tassel to gold and handmade polymer clay, the fashion earrings you see here are made from a variety of unique designs and materials. The simplistic designs you see here are timeless and you can’t go wrong with a pair of fashion earrings from Minerva Belle. Their mission statement is, “to create stylish jewelry with quality materials and excellent workmanship that will accent your wardrobe or be the center of attention.” We think they’ve succeeded so far! If you’re not sure where to buy fashion earrings online, Minerva Belle is the place to look, no question about it.

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