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Where To Buy Gold Earrings Online

Where To Buy Gold Earrings Online

The experts have spoken — yellow gold jewelry is in right now, that’s for sure. And we’re glad it is! Yellow gold jewelry is a classic metal for jewelry that has been around for centuries. Though it comes in and out of popularity, you can count on yellow gold to be around for quite some time as a reliable and classic style of jewelry.

Are you looking for gold earrings?

Gold hoop earrings?

Gold stud earrings?

You’ve come to the right place.

We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect pair of gold earrings. That’s why we’ve searched the web to locate all the best online stores for gold earrings. No matter what kind of gold earrings you are looking for, you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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#1 Thalassa Jewelry

thalassa jewelry

Not sure where to buy gold earrings online? Buying gold can be tricky because there’s all these terms thrown around (e.g. gold vermeil, gold filled or gold plated) and you’re not entirely sure which is solid gold or not. Don’t worry, we understand the struggle, and thankfully Thalassa Jewelry gets it, too. At Thalassa Jewelry, all your solid gold earrings will come true! Whether you’re looking for tiny gold stud earrings, gold hoop earrings, gold disc dangle earrings, pearl and gold earrings or unique designs like gold starbursts, you can be sure it’s all solid gold here at Thalassa Jewelry. For where to buy earrings online (and specifically gold earrings), check out Thalassa Jewelry!!


#2 WaterLelie Jewellery

waterlelie jewellery

WaterLelie Jewellery is another incredibly unique solid gold online jewelry store that won’t let you down. The modern and minimalist gold jewelry designs you see at this online Etsy shop are inspiring, delicate and absolutely understated. The great thing about WaterLelie Jewellery is that they offer gold earrings in a variety of karat options, but all solid gold. Whether you’re looking for 10K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or 24K yellow gold, you can be certain you’ll find what you’re looking for at WaterLelie Jewellery. Check them out!!


#3 Elegant Jewel Box

elegant jewel box

With a name like Elegant Jewel Box, you know they’ve got some great designs. If you’re looking for solid gold earrings, you have definitely found the right place — there are so many different unique and wonderful styles of gold earrings here that you won’t know where to begin! Making sure the online jewelry store sells solid gold is the first half of the battle. Next, you have to find a style you like!! The great thing about Elegant Jewel Box is that they offer so many different styles of solid gold earrings! Are you looking for tiny gold hoop earrings, gold stud earrings or gold chain bar earrings? How about gold threader earrings, gold initial earrings or gold earcuffs? Elegant Jewel Box has it all!


#4 The Minimalist Magnolia

minimalist magnolia

The Minimalist Magnolia was born from a need to produce creative work after Carissa Wachtor left the office life. In 2013, The Minimalist Magnolia began producing gorgeous gold jewelry completely by hand. Wachtor states, “being able to create something, completely by hand that holds sentimental value for someone, is so fulfilling,” and we completely agree! We love this online Etsy shop that sells gold earrings due to their cute, minimalist designs, their passion for handcrafted jewelry and (of course) their affordable prices! How can you beat that?! If you’re not sure where to buy gold earrings online, be sure to check out The Minimalist Magnolia today. You absolutely won’t be let down.


#5 Omiya


Looking for unique jewelry designs in 24K gold? Omiya is definitely the place to go, no doubt about it! The gold earrings and one-of-a-kind designs you see on this online shop are so awesome you won’t be able to resist purchasing a pair from here! Goldsmith and jewelry designer, Osnat from Omiya has been creating jewelry since 1992. With inspiration from ancient, ethnic and tribal cultures, Omiya has created a unique jewelry style by infusing the modern with the ancient. The primary gold karat used at Omiya is 24K and each and every item of jewelry you see on this online shop is entirely handcrafted. While the prices are a touch higher than some of the other online gold earring shops you see listed here, you can be certain that the quality is top-notch. For where to buy gold earrings online, check out Omiya today!


#6 Remy and Me

remy and me

This darling online jewelry shop is named after the owner’s late family dog, who provided much support in the jewelry business’s inception. The lovely jewelry designs you see on this online shop are inspired by women who “feel ‘naked’ if they leave the house without any earrings on.” The gold earrings from Remy and Me are lightweight, dainty and feminine — like a good pair of gold earrings should be!! We love the designs on this online jewelry shop and think you will too. With unique hammered designs, the yellow gold earrings from Remy and Me can easily dress up any outfit, and, at such an affordable price, you’ll want to get a couple so you know you’ll never be without a pair. Need to know where to buy gold earrings online? Check out Remy and Me!


#7 Lianie


At Lianie, you’ll find super unique gold jewelry with gemstones from Israel. With such a huge selection of gold earrings for women (including gold hoop earrings, gold stud earrings and 14K gold earrings), you’ll definitely be able to answer the question where to buy gold earrings online?, with Lianie. With affordable prices, a huge selection of different styles of gold earrings and high quality jewelry production, Lianie is the place to go for your gold earrings!

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